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the clot
the clot  
I had an abortion one month and five days ago. It was a decision my boyfriend and I made due to the fact that we're long distance, neither of us are in a stable financial position, and we really don't think we'd be good parents at our age (I'm 19, he's 25). I had my abortion at 7 weeks, 3 days. It was surgical. (we'd only had sex once between my last period and the positive pregnancy test, so I knew exactly when we conceived)

Everything was going perfect two weeks after. I was barely bleeding, only the "old blood" and the only pain I felt was emotional, which I'm dealing with. I stopped bleeding three weeks after the abortion.

We tried intercourse for the first time almost exactly one month post abortion. The first time went ok, there was basically no pain. I noticed some VERY VERY VERY light bleeding when I went to the washroom after but associated it with being "stretched" again. We decided to try again two nights later and in the middle of it he pulled away and he suddenly said "babe, you're bleeding". I looked down and there was blood everywhere, all over my inner thighs, all over him, even some on the bed. I freaked out and curled up for an hour, trying not to cry out of fear and not wanting to move.

Finally I managed to uncurl myself and put a pad on and fall asleep. Over the next two days there was basically no bleeding that would be noteworthy, just stuff similar to what I had the first time we'd tried sex again. Since then (about 4 days) I've had very light bleeding, like the end of a period. I noticed that whenever I pushed (to go #2) I would bleed just a little bit more.

Today I was with my boyfriend on skype, laughing like crazy, which is something I don't often do so I assume my body isn't used to it. After I calmed down I noticed the feeling of something between my labia minora. I went to the bathroom and sure enough there was a clot about the size of a cashew. I'll attach a picture so you can see what I mean. I'm sorry it's gross but I'm really scared.

What's wrong with me?

Hello, Liz,

I found your question in the question pool. I apologize for not looking sooner.

You need to go to a doctor and have it checked out. It sounds like you might have had an incomplete abortion. This is potentially very dangerous. The image also tends to suggest this.

Also, there may have been other injuries. You shouldn't have had blood everywhere from intercourse. Some bleeding might be expected, but not what you seem to be describing. Also, I am concerned that you are continuing to have sex. You have already had one abortion, and you are evidently not in a position to raise a child. If you try any protection, you are running a risk. No form of protection is complete, and this is especially true if you are not married to your partner; failure rates are higher. You owe it to yourself not to endanger yourself this way.

You haven't said what country you are from. There is help in many countries. If you tell me which country you are from, I will try to find help near you. You should be checked by a doctor who is familiar with abortion complications. Please let me know.

Take care of yourself. Let me know if you want to learn about other potential problems as a result of your abortion, so you can safeguard your health in the future.


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I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

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