QUESTION: Hello, I really need advice . I'm confused , scared and anxious. I took the pill cytotec. I heard it can cause abortion in early pregnancy's. Well I took 4 and nothing happened. Then I took another 3 and experienced mild bleeding I thought I had passed the fetus. About a month later I got checked up and was told I was STILL pregnant me and my boyfriend were in huge shock . Now I'm about 18 weeks or so. I'm terrified the baby will come with abnormalitys I'm only 16 . And now that im keeping the baby I'm worried what if it does come out deformed. How will I provide at only 16.i don't know what to do or how to tell my parents I'm pregnant. I meed help advise please

ANSWER: Hello, ceci,

You are right that sometimes Cytotec doesn't cause abortion. How far along were you when you took it? There is a small risk of abnormality, from what I understand, about 1%.

There are people out there who are willing to adopt your baby if there is a abnormality. So don't despair that you would be unable to care for your baby.

There are organizations all over Texas that can help you. They will address the risks, and your fears, and offer you support and comfort. If necessary, they will help find adoptive parents. And they will help you tell your parents. You can find one near you by going to this web site:


By now, an ultrasound would be able to see if there are any serious abnormalities. Most of these organizations can provide you with a free ultrasound.

So please contact the organization closest to you, and please let me know what happens. I will be praying for you. Please take care of yourself and your baby. I can't give you any ironclad guarantee on how things will turn out, but the odds are definitely in your favor that everything will turn out all right.

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QUESTION: I was about 2 months when I took the pills. I've been even went to church and confessed to the priest about the failed abortion. He advise me to have it and I'm willing to, I regret taking the pill. But I'm worried that if something is wrong I wont forgive myself for harming my own child.i want to get another ultrasound . The first one they told me I was 14 weeks. And ever since I'm probably about 18 now or so. But I'm a bit worried if I get a more advanced ultrasound like a 2d they will ask for my parents information

Hello, ceci,

Well, that's a relief! You were too far along for the pills to cause any appreciable damage. So try to take it easy, because by that time, your baby was already almost completely formed. By the same token, Cytotec is very unlikely to cause an abortion that late. I want you to know that God loves you, and He is ready to forgive you for what you did. If you sincerely are sorry for it, and will not ever do it again, then ask Him for forgiveness, and you will receive it. It is guaranteed. Grace is free. Salvation is free. Jesus already paid the entire price. All you have to do is accept His free gift with gratitude. When you go to your local organization, they will also comfort you and explain these things. I don't think you have to worry about them asking for your parents' information. Just tell them you are afraid for your parents to find out, and ask for their help in dealing with this. It turns out that many women (teens) are afraid of how their parents will react, and I will tell you that generally speaking, parents will be upset at first (and they have every right to be) but they USUALLY become quite supportive. If you develop a plan for your life, how you will move forward and complete your education and live a responsible life, this will help. Having someone from the organization WITH you when you tell your parents will help. In some cases, they will tell a woman's parents. And if worse comes to worst, they can help you find a safe place to stay.

So please take care of yourself, lean on God, pray directly to Him, for His comfort, forgiveness, and blessing, and then let Him handle it. Your tendency will be to take it back. Keep giving it back to God. This is a decision, an act of will, not an emotion. Your emotions may well give you some trouble. The evil one will accuse you. Just say the name "Jesus" out loud, and he will flee. Know that accusations are from the evil one. You are fully forgiven in Christ, and God no longer even remembers your sin, the very moment you ask for forgiveness. Then, you will need to work on forgiving yourself. This is hard, but it is necessary, because otherwise, it repudiates God. The people in the organization can help you with that.

Please keep in touch. May God bless you and keep you, and give you comfort and peace. Let me know when your baby is born!


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