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Abortion/13 Weeks Pregnant Can I use MTPROST KIT for Abortion


QUESTION: Dear Doc, Simmy again,

I would like to thank you for your KIND SUPPORT, TIME & PATIENCE.
I had taken one tablet of Mifepristone 200mg & 4 Tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol course from which i had already taken one tablet of Mifepristone 200mg & 2 Tablets of 200mcg Misoprostol at regular intervals 1 hour before. Now im left with only two tablets of 200 mcg Misoprostol which as directed i should take it to day by 23:30 Hrs.
Now My doubt was will this course will be a successful abortion ??? B/c it had been 14,1/2 Hours & till now all i had is little bleeding with some pain, tiredness & uneasiness.
I'm worried & at the same time confused as i want to terminate this pregnancy but at the same time i don't want any complication by which i need to inform others / rush to hospital.
Please help me doc this is my first time i'm doing it on my own with your guidance & advise :( .
thanks again for your guidance & valuable advise.

ANSWER: Dear Simmy,
I can not figure out the time you took the tabs.
The mife should be taken al least 24 hours before the miso.
You write: At regular intervals....
What do you men by that ?
The mife should be taken only one time. The miso also, but starting 24 hours later.
The only complicaton you may have is extensive bleeding..
Please do not stay alone during the proces, and go to the emergency hospital if needed.
Take the 200 miso, that you still have in your cheek and spit out after half an hour.
Keep me informed please and do not worry too much. All may go well. Just be prepared.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I'm Totally Confused Now :(

I had me told to first have one mife with placing one miso in vagina.
After 12 hours or so I was told to place another Miso in vagina.
then on second day i should continue placing Miso 200 same with 12 hours difference IN MY VAGINA (not cheeks).
this what i'm doing & now i'm left with only 2 miso 200 which i have to place in my Vagina again after 12 hours or maximum by tomorrow morning.

Now please tell Me was this was the right procedure ???
What i have to do Next or as u said should i put 1 miso 200 right now in my cheeks for half an hour n later should spit it out??

please Help Me Doc. I'm waiting eagerly for your advise.

Dear Simmy,
soory for the confusion, but the person who told you how to use the mife/miso was totally wrong.
Everywhere in the literature you find my sceme. Take 200mg (or better 600mg)mife and wait for 24 hours to take  the 2 tabs of miso in your cheek, and spit out after half an hour.
This will work in 96-98 %. As I told you, it also works at 12-13 weeks, but boodloss can be a lot heavier.
If nothing happens now, and you do not want the surgery, you'd better get a new kit. And make sure that the mifepristone is real and not fake.
But wait first! Be patient, there may follow an abortion because of what you did already.
Good luck.


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