"hello doc..
I used the pill mifepristone and two misoprostol tablets all orally..i had bleeding but veryf less within a week my bleeding stopped..I concieved in 23 or 25 november 2013 not sure and i used these pills on 28 january 2014 for three days firstly mifepristone and misoprostol 2 days regularly later on 5 march 2014 i had an ultrasound test and it shows that the gestational age is 16weeks 2 days the heart rate is 152bpm and the weight is 158gms..for now i regret taking the pills and decided to continue with my pregnancy.. what effects the pills can do to my baby please tell me is there any chance of fetus malformation..is there any test to detect the anomalies in my baby..I want a healthy baby. today its around 20 weeks of my pregnancy and i can feel the movements too..please help me out to get out of this situation i am worried about my baby and regret whatever i have done by taking pills.."

Thank you for your question. Let e start by apologizing for the length of time it took me to answer your question. My mother has been very ill and in the hospital for an extended period of time, that is why I was unable to check or answer questions for a while. Also I wanted to let you know that I am not a doctor. I am a Certified Medical Assistant, who has worked in a family planning and abortion clinic for a year.
Let me start out by saying I am very sorry that you have found yourself in this situation. Sometimes I do have patients who originally start out wanting an abortion and then later on do change there mind. Normally the abortion pills that you have taken are successful ( in 98% of the cases actually) but in rare cases the pregnancy will not terminate, which is the situation you have found yourself in. In the rare cases where our patients do find themselves with an ongoing pregnancy after the abortion medications failed to work, we always recommend getting an in clinic suction abortion. Actually, if a patient would not agree to consenting to an in clinic procedure we would not even dispense the abortion medications to her because there is a high risk of birth defects. I can tell that you have changed your mind completely about how you feel concerning this pregnancy, and I'm sorry you are faced with the possibility of delivering a baby with birth defects. Now you need to know that just because there is a risk of having a child with serious birth defects that does not mean it will happen all the time. You could deliver a perfectly healthy child.Where do you live at? Do you live in the United States? You are at the point in your pregnancy where a very in depth detailed ultrasound is performed. Right around 20 weeks you normally have your scan done where the doctor looks at everything. Heart, Lungs, arms, everything. Just to make sure the baby is healthy. Typically a woman has the choice to see if the baby is a girl or boy at this scan. If there are any problems with your baby normally it could be seen at this scan. That is not always the case, there could be problems that can not be seen on an ultrasound. A mother who took the abortion medications that then carried the child to term can have a baby born with deformities of the hands or feet, as well as nerve problems with the fetus. It's very, very important that you work closely with the doctor overseeing your pregnancy, that they are aware you took the abortion medications and they did not work. That way your doctor can be extra careful when doing your ultrasounds, to see if there are any problems with your fetus. If any problems are discovered you can know ahead of time and that way prepare yourself in advance.Try not to beat yourself up over the decision you have made. You can not change the past. Just take good care of yourself during the pregnancy as best you can. It's possible your child will be fine. But if not, you just be the best mother you can to your baby, and love him or her just the same. If you have any other questions please let me know an I will try to help you out as much as I can. Please let me know how everything turns out and please rate my answer when you have a moment. Take care!


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I can answer questions relating to abortions including what options there are available and what the process is like. I have firsthand experience with the abortion pill(Mifeprex and misoprostol)and vacuum aspiration as these are the two options serviced in my clinic. If you are thinking about abortion and want someone to talk to I will gladly listen. I offer a non-judgmental view on abortion. I work at a family planning and abortion facility, I work with women of all walks of life who choose abortion. I am well educated and feel very capable of answering your questions in regard to this subject.


I am a Certified Medical Assistant and have worked at a family planning and abortion clinic for almost a year. I do the medical work up on our abortion patients prior to there procedures as well as counseling them before there procedure to ensure they are making this decision for the right reason. If the patient is not comfortable going forward, I non judgmentally explain to them there options to parent or place there child for adoption, giving referrals if necessary. I also stand next to our patients during there abortions holding there hands and assisting the doctor. I am there support person during there procedures. Afterwords we work closely with the patient to hopefully see they get on an effective form of birth control. I love my job, I feel i make a difference and I would not change it for the world.

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