if I had unprotected sex yesterday n I take medabon plus postino2 what may happen to me. pls I help me.

Hello, manddy,

It looks like there these possibilities:
1. you weren't fertile and won't get pregnant
2. you are pregnant, but medabon will have no effect. The Postinor 2 might prevent a continuing pregnancy.
3. you may well suffer side effects
4. the drugs will throw off your monthly cycle and you won't know for several weeks what is really going on with your body.

A woman is normally only fertile for 3 to 5 days of her cycle. The day of ovulation is 14 days before her next period will start if she is not pregnant. If you have normal periods, you can think of your fertile time as starting slightly before 2 weeks after your last menstrual period. You can figure out the likely time of fertility if your periods tend to be a different length, but if they are erratic, it won't be so easy.

Do you recall if you had any mucus, and if so, what kind?

These drugs are dangerous and can cause serious side effects. Don't count on "protection", either. It doesn't work. If you want to avoid pregnancy, the only reliable method is abstinence. If you are not married, it is not in your best interests to have sex. Your partner, on the other hand, may choose to use your body for his personal pleasure without worrying about the consequences to you. This is common. You deserve a man who will cherish and protect you. One willing to use your body for his own pleasure is not that kind of a man. Please think about this.

If you have not taken the pills yet, please don't. In particular, forget about medabon. It will have no effect. Whatever you do, please do not take these dangerous medications in the future. In particular, medabon can kill you. So please stay away from such drugs.

Please keep in touch and let me know what happens. If you do run into any problems, I can probably give you information about resources in your area. Take care.


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