Hello,my sis. is having anemia and also got pregnant its being 1 month can she do abortion in this case I am very scared as she has anemia

Hello, poonam,

I am very glad you wrote, and I can sense you love your sister very much.

A woman often bleeds heavily after abortion, and some women bleed to death. Being anemic increases the risk. Abortion is dangerous anyway, and many of the abortion facilities won't pass basic health inspections. A woman can be killed, get a perforated uterus (making hysterectomy necessary), or get an infection, including sexually transmitted diseases, and another infection that can kill a woman within hours of the onset of symptoms. The abortion pill in particular causes heavy bleeding for weeks, and as I am sure you know, this also weakens a woman's immune system tremendously. If there is any way you can discourage your sister from having one, in the long run, she will be much healthier and happier. And abortion can also kill or seriously damage her future children. For example, one of her children could develop cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation, autism, blindness, or deafness. It isn't worth it.

There are many resources in your state and the people there are willing to give your sister many different kinds of help. She deserves to know all her options, and what help is available to her.

To find an organization that can help, go to this web site:


Please, if you can talk her out of it, please do so. Let me know what happens.


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I can help women with the consideration of their decision, and with resources, and I can share my own experiences as the mother of seven and grandmother of eleven. My approach is to show love and concern, and help women work through the issues, emotional, spiritual, practical. I also help women deal with boyfriend and family issues. I am not a doctor, but I have done extensive medical research, so I may be able to help with information. I am female. When you write, if you are or were pregnant, please tell me how far along you were or are, and if you have had an abortion, please tell me what kind. Thank you.


I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

I am mostly self-taught. I also studied midwifery for awhile. I have spent years doing research on this topic. In fact, I have been doing research and working in this area since the early 1970's. I have been helping women online for a few years, under the guidance of a woman who was formally training in counseling.

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