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Hey. I got my abortion like 4 weeks ago. It's was out 2 so like 29 days ago. I took birth control not the first sunday and not even the sunday after the first sunday but the Sunday after that because that's what I was instructed to do. Like 2 weeks after abortion. I have been on birth controls regularly and have been using condoms as well. Im using the birth control lolo. I don't know if I should stop to get my periods or will it just happen or I don't know.. Im just scared and confused.. I don't know if I phrased the question well but im really confused about whether I need to stop the pill to get on my periods or not

Hello, Tahnia,

The usual information I can get about a drug was unavailable, but I was able to learn enough to say what I will tell you.

First of all, do not rely on Lolo or condoms, or the combination. THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE. The only thing that is truly reliable is abstinence. If you are not married, it is not in your best interests to have sex. Furthermore, Lolo will make it more likely you will contract a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV. It harms the immune system. If your partner has ever had sex with anyone else, you are at risk.

It is also important to know that failure rates are higher among unmarried women. And condoms break. The most they can do is postpone pregnancy. And they do not protect you from sexually transmitted disease.

Lolo is a drug. It can cause serious health problems; in particular, it can cause blood clots (potentially fatal) or heart problems. It is also the case that women with certain health conditions (obesity, for example) should not take Lolo. I don't know if your doctor went over this with you, or you simply are able to get the pills without prescription. If you didn't get a prescription, you need to see a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous.

As near as I can determine, a pack of Lolo contains a couple of different colors of pills. Most of them contain a very low amount of estrogen, and the others are meant to be taken when your period should occur. They contain much less estrogen, although they do contain some. The purpose of these pills is so you can stay in the habit of taking the pills, hopefully making their "protection" more reliable. You are not supposed to stop taking the pills in order to get your period. Normally, a woman's period will start several days after she starts taking the "placebo" pills (the ones with almost no estrogen). The purpose of putting some estrogen in those pills is to make a woman's period shorter and lighter. (This is not healthy, by the way). Some women don't experience periods. Obviously, if you are one of those women, you may wonder if you are pregnant. Hormone pills confuse the issue. I don't know a way around that. The fact the regular pills have so little estrogen also means pregnancy while using them faithfully is more likely.

If you aren't married and you genuinely enjoy the activity, you can get the same pleasure from moderate exercise, and it is much safer and healthier. If you are married, you can learn to tell when you are fertile, and you are allowed to have a child anyway (although you can certainly have a child if you are not married, and I think in your country, there is help available to meet your needs.) If you rely on fertility awareness, and chart faithfully, it is more reliable than any contraceptive, although you CANNOT do this IF you are taking any such drugs. If you are not married, your partner is taking advantage of you. Such a man doesn't really cherish you, because if he did, he wouldn't put you at risk, ESPECIALLY once you have had an abortion. Abortion has serious long term consequences for you and potentially for your future children. You alone bear the medical burden, and the emotional cost is generally much greater for the woman. (Please do not ever have an abortion again. It is very dangerous and it can kill you.)

From what you are telling me, you will continue to live in fear of pregnancy as long as you continue to have sex. You deserve to live free of fear of pregnancy. Please think about these things. Although you think that the two methods you are using will prevent pregnancy, you are still running a risk, and it is not a minor one. They may tell you otherwise, but they want to sell you pills and condoms, so they are not being entirely honest with you. And some people who prescribe the pills also won't tell you because they want to sell you another abortion. Please take good care of yourself, and feel free to write any time. Let me know how you are doing occasionally.


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