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I am Mita from Bangladesh. In every month, I had regular period within first 3-10 date of each month. But In Nov'15, I not period as of 17 Nov'15 i.e 7/8 days delayed. I do 2 urine test on 14 Nov & 18 Nov'15. Both result is negative. I was worried and one of my friend suggest to take isovent 200 medicine. Today i.e 18 nov'15 I have eaten 2 Isovent 200. After 5 hours, I have period.
Please inform that was I pregnant? Is there need to eat isovent 200 more? Is there any problem that I eat isovent 200?

ANSWER: Hello, Mita,

You should not take or eat Isovent 200 under any circumstances whatsoever. It is a very dangerous medication. It was intended for stomach ulcers, but I wouldn't even take it if I had stomach ulcers. It can cause a woman to bleed to death. For several weeks, be prepared for unexpected heavy bleeding. If you bleed too much, eat some food with lots of red hot peppers in it, and do this regularly until the bleeding stops.

You probably weren't pregnant in the first place. You had negative pregnancy tests, and you started bleeding after only 5 hours. Whatever you do, don't ever eat any Isovent again! Please warn your friend. Taking Isovent can kill a woman.

A woman can miss her period for reasons other than pregnancy. The most common reason is stress. If you are in a situation where you are deathly afraid of being pregnant, that could cause you to miss your period.

I know the situation in your country. Being pregnant under the wrong circumstances could result in your relatives taking your life in a horrible way. If you are in a situation where becoming pregnant could be a serious problem for you, and you are not married, you need to stop having sex. There is no safe and sure way to stay away from pregnancy if you continue to have sex. It is not in your best interest. Any man who would take advantage of your body for his personal pleasure and put your life at risk doesn't love you. He is simply lying to you and really, he's raping you. If you cannot prevent him from having sex with you, find a way to end the relationship and find someone who will treat you with honor and respect. You deserve better.

If you are married, you can have a baby, and your life will not be in danger. If you need to avoid pregnancy for awhile, learn how to tell when you are fertile.

Please take good care of yourself. You deserve to be free of the fear of pregnancy. Feel free to write me any time, and please let me know how you are doing.

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Thank you very much for your excellent advise. I understand now and I never taken isovent further. Last night bleeding is heavy. From this morning, I am feeling good and bleeding stop. Now I am worry about another issue. That is i need to do medical test for abroad VISA process within 2 days. Is there any possibility that it found I taken isovent 200 in medical test report? If there is possibility to found, when should be better to do medical test to avoid that I taken isovent.


Hello, Mita,

Thank you for your very kind rating, and you're welcome.

Be prepared for unexpected heavy bleeding any time for the next few weeks. The drug is still in your body. Whether or not a medical test will find it depends on what kind of test is run. Do you happen to know what they will test for? If you must get the test within two days, there is no particular time that is better.

Good luck with your visa and your trip. Please stay in touch.


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