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I am almost five weeks pregnant and my doctor has given me 200mg Mifegyne. I took the pill around 20 hours ago and I regret it now. What happens if I stop the rest of the treatment? Will the baby have problems?
I am confused, I have read that once you take Mifegyne, there will always be a risk of damaging the baby.
Thanks in advance


There is very good news. You can reverse this if a doctor gives you progesterone for awhile, until your baby is old enough to make his own. If you have any kind of organization in Denmark that helps pregnant women with problems, that does not provide abortion, they should be able to refer you to a doctor. I don't have that information quickly, and won't be free to get it for about four hours, but after that, I can look myself. Or, you can ask your doctor and if necessary, have him contact a doctor in the United States to ask how to do it. You may be able to get a listing for Denmark by contacting the people on this web site:

They should have a directory in the office that has listings for the world. If you call right now, you should be able to get that information.

The important thing is your doctor will need to give you progesterone (I understand it is by injection) for a short time (about two or three weeks, max, is my understanding, and I don't know how frequently), to replace the progesterone you have suppressed.

I will do a thorough search for a local organization or doctor when I return, and I will keep you in my prayers.

If you can do this, you have an excellent chance of having a normal baby. There are no guarantees, and babies sometimes have problems for other reasons, but this CAN be reversed. Please take care of yourself, and don't give up hope. Let me know if you are able to find this, and I will respond when I return.

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot, you are an Angel! Here its midnight but tomorrow morning I will call the doctor. I will keep in touch and thanks again.


You're welcome. I hope things work out for you. I tried to locate some help in your country, but I couldn't locate the type of group I was looking for. I emailed two people from two different web sites, and I am waiting for their answers.

Time is important. The longer you wait to get treatment, the less likely it will be successful. Tell your doctor what you did if you feel comfortable with that. If not, tell him you are afraid you will miscarry, and ask him to test your progesterone levels. If you cannot get to see your doctor, and you have emergency rooms in your hospitals, go to the nearest one and tell them the same thing. Ask them to supplement your progesterone until your baby is out of danger.

Take care. You will remain in my prayers.

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Thanks a lot for your huge help! You deserve heaven
We are now trying to reverse the effect. Im feeling weak and sad. I have learned something very, very important about myself out of this serious situation. I used to believe that I was a rational woman, the academic type that could manage an abortion and would take it as necessary. I am not that person, I am sensitive and that modern speech of feminists is just garbage. A baby inside is the most convincing fact of how beautiful life is. I'm happy to be able to create life, good life.
There were, there still are many reasons to be stressed but I will manage all that.
Thanks for praying and thanks for using your valuable time to help women. This world should have more human beings as you. I will try to contact the doctor.
Tusind, Tusind Tak

Dear ISA,

I am crying with happiness. I so hope and pray your baby makes it. If you were counting the weeks since you think you conceived, your chances are excellent of having no problems as a result of your attempt. If you are counting from your last menstrual period, your chances are still good.

Rational women don't submit to that kind of invasion of their bodies. They know what kind of attack it is on the very essence of who we are, not to mention that we were designed to protect our children, and deep inside, we know these children practically from the moment of conception. Unconscious bonding occurs in the first few hours. A few women will know that quickly that they are pregnant. I knew. I believe that true feminism does not hurt babies.

I don't deserve heaven; it is a free gift which I accept gladly. :)

Please stay in touch, and let me know how you do. I will continue to pray.

Du er meget velkommen.



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