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QUESTION: Dear ma'am

I had a medical abortion three weeks ago. I was about six weeks gone. I bled for exactly 11 days. Now I just have the brown discharge and it's not smelly. My breasts have stopped hurting today, but I started to pee a lot yesterday again. It had stopped before. Also, I feel tired and have had a constant headache for two days. There's also been some nausea, just a bit in the last two days but I'm fine now. I just want to know if I'm okay and no longer pregnant.

Thank you.


ANSWER: Hello, Yeesha,

It is not possible for anyone to tell you over the internet if you are still pregnant.

When you say you were six weeks gone, did you measure from your last menstrual period, or from when you think you conceived? Did you put any pills into your vagina?

These symptoms can have other medical significance. Please let me know the answers to my questions right away, so I can comment further. Take care of yourself.

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QUESTION: Yes ma'am

Calculating from my last period I was six weeks gone. I used misoprostol tablets vaginally to induce the abortion.

ANSWER: Hello, Yeesha,

Thank you for the kind rating.

The drugs might have worked, given your stage of pregnancy. Did you take any pills before, and then a day or two later, take another type of drug? The success depends partly on whether or not a woman takes both pills. If they didn't work then, you are now too far along for them to work at all.

Putting the pills in the vagina is very dangerous. This is why I asked, because the symptoms you are displaying could be a sign of medical trouble. What happens is that the pills suppress a woman's immune system. If she has Clostridium sordellii bacteria in her body, she can develop a deadly infection that can kill within hours. The body doesn't fight back. The fact that you had fewer symptoms for a couple of days afterwards is encouraging. But you need to be checked out. Go to the doctor and ask him to test you for Clostridium sordellii. If you have it, he needs to start extreme life support measures immediately.  So please do go have it checked out.

If you took only misoprostol, and no drug before that, there is a possibility you are still pregnant. Ask the doctor also to give you a pregnancy test.

Please let me know what happens, and how you do. Take care. Feel free to ask me any more questions you might have.

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QUESTION: Thank you ma'am for your help.

I went to see the doctor today. While the ultrasound scan showed that I had a bit of retained pregnancy tissue in my uterus, the sac was gone. I also had a blood test that showed that I had pregnancy hormones and some malaria parasite. I also had a slightly low blood count.

So the doctor said he would perform an evacuation tomorrow morning.

But as I left the hospital, I felt some cramps and began to bleed. By the time I got home, two clots, not too big came out of me, and the bleeding and cramping stopped.

I'm wondering what to make of this, if this is the tissue that was disturbing me in the first place.

I'd appreciate your insight again.

Thank you ma'am


Hello, Yeesha,

You're welcome.

It sounds like you may have passed the rest of the material. Have the doctor run a scan again before doing anything. Your body should still have pregnancy hormones for awhile; they will gradually decrease.

It also sounds like you will now need treatment for malaria, and I assume the doctor will treat it. I wish you all the best with this treatment, and with your life. Please make sure you do not run a risk of pregnancy until you are ready to accept a child. If you are not married, respect your body, and don't have sex with a man just so he can have pleasure. You suffer all the medical consequences. Unfortunately, having an abortion weakens your system, including your immune system. I will pray for you, because it sounds potentially serious. Please let me know how you are doing, and when you recover. Take good care of yourself.


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