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QUESTION: Ive been attempting an abortion by ingesting massive doses of vit c. Iam 4.5 weeks pregnant. Ive been taking 6,000mg each day for the past three days. Even throughout thr night. Well , now I have had a total change of heart and decided to keep it. I was cramping  bit fot a few hours but nothing major. However, my pregnancy symptoms have subsided. I can tell because my breasts are no longer AS sore nor are my nipples as huge. Im afraid I may have harmed my bsby. My medicaid just got started and I havent even visited a dr yet for the pregnancy.  Should I go to the hospital I am worried sick. Will my progesterone levels build back up if the embryo is still attached??

ANSWER: Hello, Ashley,

I don't get questions about using Vitamin C for abortion very often. On the internet, the information available is contradictory.

You are asking me a question about what is happening with your body specifically. No one will be able to give an answer for that without examining and testing you. However, there are organizations in your state that will help you. There are good doctors affiliated with these organizations who can test and treat you, and if necessary, take measures to save your baby's life and health. You can find an organization near you by going to this web site:

If your progesterone is low, they can give you progesterone until it builds back up. This has been used successfully for both attempted abortion and miscarriage. While there are no guarantees that this will always work, it is the best thing to try. Even if they think there is no hope, persevere, and don't let them do anything else to you. You should know in a few days if your baby has a chance.

I hope and pray that your baby is all right. Please keep in touch and let me know how things go. I will pray for you both.

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QUESTION: Should I go to the hospital? Could I wait until I see a Dr tomorrow since today is Sunday? Your advice was very helpful and I feel relieved that I can try the progesterone. Thank you very much fir the quick response!!

Hello, Ashley,

I can't guarantee the progesterone will help. I do not recommend going to the hospital. You are more likely to find a doctor who thinks you should complete the abortion, and sometimes doctors really pressure women. Call your local organization. If you can't reach them, I think there is a main number on the site, and you should call them. If you can't reach anyone today, by all means call them first thing tomorrow.

I'll keep praying for you, and if you know God, you should also pray. It's in His hands, and He loves you both.


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