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I took the first abortion pill in the planned parent hood clinic on Monday 1.25.16 at 11:15 am and was sent home with the second set of pills to take the next day. I immediately felt regret and threw up about 20 minutes after leaving the clinic. I hated myself for doing g this so I called the abortion pill reversal hotline where they set you up with a close doctor to help you. The doctor called immediately called in a prescription for 200mg of progesterone and I started it that night around 8. I thought that it would be great I went the next day to my obgyn and they did a transvaginal US and the heart beat was 163 bpm and I was so relieved thinking the pill hadn't worked. I noticed spotting after the US and was told it could have been from the probe. Today I went to the bathroom and expelled bright red blood and tissue as well as large blood clots. I Called My Nurse And Was Immediately Directed To The ER. They did some blood work, other tests, and another US. I was devastated to see the absence of the flicker on the monitor..there was no longer a heart beat. They diagnosed miscarriage. Is there a possibility of the heart being able to beat again? I do not want to get the surgery they recommended if there is still hope. I'm absolutely devastated.

ANSWER: Hello, Sadie,

My heart goes out to you, and I am sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner.

I'd have to say that it's not at all clear that your baby is gone. Maybe, maybe not. Don't act in haste.

I'll tell you my personal story. I had a hemorrhage and went to the emergency room, and stayed overnight, and the next day a person came in and examined me, and said I had a miscarriage, and he needed to do a procedure on me, or (he hinted) I might die. I asked him his opinion on abortion and he gave me a wishy-washy answer, so I told him I didn't think I'd let him do it. I was scared to death. He got very angry at me, said, 'That's your privilege!" and stormed out, slamming the door. I later found out that I was still pregnant and the man was an abortionist.

Long story short: the baby didn't survive, but that was two months later, and in the meantime I conceived again. So when there was no evidence my baby had survive, they wanted to do a procedure, and I said no. After a pregnancy that lasted a year, I gave birth to a healthy son. There was no sign of the other baby, but that baby was very real. I had conceived a second time before the first one went to Jesus. And I knew a woman who was gestationally two months younger than her twin, also.

I'd hang on. As long as they haven't actually gone into your uterus, there is little danger of an infection. And if they have, you still have time to get a second opinion. Go back to the doctor who does the reversals.

I don't know the nature of the tissue you saw. It is also not necessarily the case that anything you did caused a miscarriage. Maybe, maybe not. Ultrasounds are NOT reliable. Don't depend on it to determine whether or not your baby made it.

Just go back to the doctor, and let him work with you. Don't let anyone do anything until you are absolutely certain there is no other choice. What a trusted doctor told me in my case is that even though I was bleeding, unless I had pain, I should just leave things alone.

I hope this helps. Please keep in touch and let me know what happens. Take care. I will pray for you both.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much. I appreciate you responding so fast. Do you know facts about the pill they have you take in clinic?  For example how long it takes on average to start working and and how soon it effects the pregnancy? I have read stories about women who have taken the same pill at the same clinic and didn't take any progesterone pills or injections until 48 hours later and they have gone on to have healthy full term pregnancies. I'm genuinely scared because I am cramping as well as having a brown/pink discharge here and there. The doctor did an exam today with a spectrum and he said the mucus plug was still in tact. Have you heard of cases where there has been a heartbeat detected in some Ultrasounds and not others? I'm not ready to lose my baby. I am clinging on to the possibility of continuing this pregnancy. I can't believe it when they say to do the surgery. I saw her heart beat flickering on the ultrasound and today it was absolutely nothing. I can only think to take more progesterone in hopes of it reviving the fetus and starting the growth back up.

Hello, Sadie,

You're welcome. I will do everything I can to help you. I can't do much, but I will try to encourage you.

I would say that situations vary. People are different. That said, I think you got onto it timely. I am aware of people who have delayed more than that, and had healthy babies.

If the mucus plug is intact, you have no reason to go forward with surgery. The need for surgery is related to the possibility of infection, and with the mucus plug in place, it should be a sterile environment. Consult the doctor who gave you the reversal progesterone. He can do far more than I, to help in this situation.

It is common for ultrasound to miss the heartbeat. Don't ever rely on ultrasound for that kind of diagnosis. Ultrasound is often mistaken about defects as well. So are other tests.

How far along were you, and when did you take the first pill?

Hang in there. Don't do anything unless the doctor who prescribed the progesterone is absolutely certain there is no hope. You would also probably see more than just tissue. By the time most women know they are pregnant, significant development has occurred, and although the baby is small, there should be recognizable features. Since there was a heartbeat, the baby has form. A blood clot sufficiently large might conceal this, but on the other hand, you would be more likely to see an amniotic sac. If the plug is still in place, you won't see this, because the baby has not been discarded.

By the way, bleeding in this situation means very little. The pill can set off bleeding without harming the baby, particularly if the baby has started making her own progesterone. This occurs about 5 weeks after your last menstrual period.

I am praying for you.


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