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Abortion/3 months plus delay in periods and dry cough



I am a 25 year old girl , I got my last periods in october 2015 . I have tried every home remedy and even consulted doctors for the same but still havent got my periods. Every doctor over here just wants to earn money rather than treating patients. I sometimes got brown spotting in the morning but then it never continued. I have been taking m2 tone and completed the course of amorex). Whenever I try some home remedy for increasing heat in my body I either get pimples or excessive heat in my body but it never help me in starting of my periods. I have also gone for medical tests like blood sugar ,CBC, Mantoux Test (for allergy), FSH  LH Prolactin test for hormones , T3, T4 , TSH for thyroid but everything is normal . My weight and tummy has been increased due to this irregular periods. My cousin suggested me to take gynedol for 30 days (as per her doctors suggestion and own expeirence) and my doc told me to take tablet regulate and ebexid for 5 days

Further I have been suffering from dry cough , which i have treated with various cough syrups{ vasakasav (ayurvedic medicine) benedryl dry , Haleezy} and tablets {like moxikind cv 625 and benocide forte} but have given zero percent result.I suffer from this whenever i talk more than 5 minutes or at night. Earlier also i had the same kind of cough and it was detected that it was due to dust allergy . I am really very much frustrated due to these problems. please suggest me some remedy

ANSWER: Hello, yakshika,

Are you underweight? Are you malnourished in any way? Do you have excess fat? Are you a vegetarian? (Vegetarians sometimes suffer from lack of menstruation because of nutritional deficiencies. Starting to eat some animal products, such as meat, milk, or eggs, often will correct this problem. Vegetarianism leads to malnutrition; there are important nutrients missing that you cannot get from any source other than animal foods.)

You should stay away from medications. They will not help you. Some of them are very dangerous.  I would also stay away from Amorex and Gynedol. Stay away from products to fix dry cough; they will make it worse. I am not familiar with vasakasav. But all the others appear to be drugs. When you start to cough, try sipping water. Also, take natural remedies for allergies. Ayurvedic remedies might help. See a knowledgeable practitioner. You might also try taking 5000IU of Vitamin D3.

Let me know if any of the items in your list you take for cough is NOT a drug. I am unable to research them until a time hours from now.

I hope this helps. Let's talk further about your situation. Please let me know the answers to my questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes i am a vegetarian n have put on around 15-20 kgs in last one year ..spotting is still continuing aftr 15 days or so for 3 days .should i consider it as my periods? i dont like eating non vegetarian food , is there another suppliment for that? i will eat paneer for proteins .should i take cord liver oil tablet instead or any other fish oil capsule as per your recommendation? I just want my periods to start after this i l go for regular yoga n this will help me to regularize my problem but the bleeding hasnt started yet .

For cough i am taking a pinch of clove powder whenever i feel lyk coughing ..its a temporary relaxation but still the problem is still there

Hello, yakshika,

From what I know, most likely your lack of periods is due to nutritional deficiency that goes with being a vegetarian. Paneer will help protect you from some nutritional deficiencies, but not all. You need Omega-3 fatty acids. Normally, the source is fish or certain other seafoods. They say flax seed oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, but the problem is, it is also rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, and an imbalance with Omega-6 being far too prevalent with respect to Omega-3, is common in the United States. There is also reason to be suspicious that the Omega-3 comes from animal sources. Flax seed oil is rich in arachidonic acid, which can cause medical problems for some people. You also need L-carnitine, which occurs only in red meat. It regulates weight. L-carnitine is made of two amino acids, which also only occur in red meat. These are just two examples.

You will have to make a choice. Either live with lack of periods and worsening health as you get older, along with probable obesity, or learn to tolerate eating animal foods. Not thinking they taste good is a common problem with vegetarians. It would be wise to start slowly, but if you want to correct these problems, you must start eating animal foods. We were designed for an omnivorous diet. People who eat nothing but meat are usually healthier than vegetarians, because the animals they eat also eat vegetable matter, and the nutrients come through. Animal foods are also in a more assimilable form than vegetable foods. We don't possess the ability to digest many vegetable foods.

Yoga is a dangerous spiritual practice. I do not recommend it. The dangers are not obvious, but very real.

For your cough, also try manuka honey with a little lemon in water, and gargle with it. Let me know if this helps. You can get manuka honey on Amazon. This remedy soothes, contains many vitamins and minerals, and can kill any lingering infection that may be the problem.


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