QUESTION: Hello, I am 15 days pregnant.. I went to doc she gave me Mite Misoprostol 200mcg tabs for 3 days.... 2 tabs after every 2 hrs for whole day....
May I know it is effective to release pregnancy or not

ANSWER: Hello, Mrs. ahmed,

Misoprostol is VERY DANGEROUS. It can cause you to bleed to death. It may or may not work. If it doesn't work, your child could have serious birth defects. I do not ever advise any woman to take Misoprostol. I have had many questions from women who are bleeding uncontrollably after taking it. It can also cause your uterus to rupture. Please do not take it. The dose she gave you is huge as well. I can almost guarantee you that you will have serious problems with that dose. Also, if you take it vaginally (as some people advise), you can develop an infection, and your body will not fight back if you have Clostridium sordelli (bacteria) in your body. It will kill you within hours. Many doctors are totally irresponsible with this drug, and it is forbidden to give it to a woman who is pregnant. I don't understand why this doctor is willing to risk your life like this.

You appear to be married. You can have a child without any social problems. If you are unable to care for a child, will adoption be a possibility? If there is some reason you feel you cannot have a child, please let me know and I will try to help you find a better solution. But please do not risk your life. Please take care of yourself. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

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QUESTION: Thanx for advising me... But I am worried now... I am married 33years old I have 2daughters... Not any social problems to have a baby again by the grace of God... But I have little child that's y we both do not want this baby
Actually doc gave me ST Mom ... But this was not available...that's y pharmacist gave me the alternate tabs... N I went to doc to confirm if it is ok for me....doctor's assistant said tht it is also ok....but u will feel some nausea etc
Now plz suggest me what can I do for now... I am really worried I don't want tht my child will bear any disability because of me plz let me know asap.... I had 24 pills from yesterday to tonight
Plz help me

Hello, Mrs. ahmed,

With so many pills and so early in your pregnancy, it is unlikely your child will survive and be disabled. It is usually all or nothing at this point. I can't tell you what kind of consequences you might bear, but it might be significant. If you didn't use any in your vagina, the chance of an infection that will kill you in a few hours is not significant. If you DID use them in your vagina, go immediately to the doctor and ask him to test you for Clostridium sordellii. If you have this bacterium in your body, the doctor must start immediate intensive life-saving measures. If you bleed heavily, eat spicy food with a lot of red hot peppers in it. Keep eating this regularly until the bleeding stops.

I have had a lot of experience with doctors, and I have learned that few doctors will think about the possible consequences of the poisonous medications they give. They only look at what the medications might accomplish.

As for having a young child, please do not worry about having another so close in age. Usually children that close in age are very good friends and keep each other entertained, and it means less work for the mother. A child is a blessing from God. It is also common for parents not to want a child when the mother first becomes pregnant. This usually changes, often in the middle of the pregnancy. Usually the mother starts wanting the child earlier than the father. The father may bond with the child when he can feel movement, hear a heartbeat, or look at an ultrasound. Give yourselves time. You are obviously good parents, and this little one depends on you for protection. We were designed by God to protect our children, and it goes against our nature as women to harm our children. I will pray and hope for the best for your family. Please keep in touch, and don't try to do anything else to harm either yourself or your child. Let me know if you have any problems, and I will try to help.


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