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Abortion/Brown Discharge 2mths After Medical Abortion



I had a medical abortion on 17.03.16 when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I had severe cramps and lots of bleeding which stopped after about 4 days. The first day of my first period following this abortion was 29.04.16. The period was pretty normal and lasted about 5 days.

A of days ago I noticed some dark brown, very light discharge/spotting. I have never experienced spotting before and am not on any contraceptive. It is very light, noticeable only on tissue when I wipe but certainly not enough to soak a sanitary towel. It is odorless and I am not experiencing any pain.

Please tell me if this could be my body just getting back to normal after the abortion, or whether this is something to worry about.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello, Rebecca,

You are asking me a medical question about your own body. Only a doctor who can examine you, test you, and take a medical history, can answer such a question.

Your medical abortion was rather late. There is a high failure rate past 7 weeks. You really need to be checked out. If you did not succeed in having an abortion, please do not do anything. Abortion is very dangerous, and it can kill you or your next child, or cause serious harm. They may try to push you to have a surgical abortion. Don't let them. There is no harm whatsoever in refusing, and it is very unlikely the abortion did any harm to your baby. Most babies make enough progesterone to replace what their mothers have suppressed with pills, and are not harmed at that age. It isn't worth it, for the sake of your future children. It can cause serious birth defects. It can also cause you to get breast cancer when you are young, and it is a particularly virulent form. We weren't designed for this, and you deserve better.

Go to a doctor who understands the consequences of attempted abortion and is prepared to handle any complications that might arise from continuing your pregnancy. If you are not aware of a good doctor, you can find an organization near you that will be able to refer you. Please go to this web site:

If you did succeed in having an abortion, please do not have another one. But have it checked out to make sure you are all right. It's simply not a question anyone can answer over the internet, a doctor included. Please take good care of yourself. If you aren't married, don't let a man use you for his pleasure, at your expense. If you are married, and would like information on how to avoid pregnancy safely, please let me know.

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You're an "expert" but you're telling me 7 weeks is late for an abortion when, in reality, you can safely have them up to 24 weeks.

You're an "expert" who's telling me that there is a link between abortions and breast cancer (check these SCIENTIFIC studies out:

You're an "expert", yet you're suggesting that babies are unharmed by the medical abortion drug when in fact there is a high rate of infant disability when a pregnancy is followed through despite a woman taking the medical abortion drugs.

You're an "expert" who chooses to teach a woman not to love and have ownership of her body.

It seems out of the two of us I know more about the reality of abortions!

You are NOT an expert and you are NOT empowering women to do anything other than follow the rules of some fundamentalist, religious nonsense.


Hello, Rebecca,

You apparently didn't read what I sent you in my thank you note. 7 weeks is late for a MEDICAL abortion. Surgical abortions are usually done later because it's too easy to miss earlier. As for your statement about breast cancer, this is an area I have THOROUGHLY researched. Some of these studies are being influenced by politics. Actually, fraud in scientific studies is common in all areas of medicine. Overwhelmingly, studies show a connection between abortion and breast cancer, including one by a rather well known doctor who favors legalized abortion.

No, if a woman follows through after a failed medical abortion, there is rarely any harm done.

If you truly have ownership of your body, you won't get pregnant in the first place (hint: condoms don't work, and sometimes this is intentional). And you won't turn your body over to a stranger for control if you do get pregnant.

I am trying to protect women from the MEDICAL consequences of abortion. It has nothing to do with religion.

I gather you haven't met God. But I haven't met a man who lives in Japan, either, so I guess he doesn't exist. You can say you THINK there is no God, but you can't prove a negative, not logically, anyway. But I repeat: my mission is to protect women from the MEDICAL consequences of abortion, and it doesn't matter whether she already had one or not. I will help any woman I can.

I urge you to be checked out. As I said, the failure rate for PILL abortions is high after 7 weeks, so you need to make sure of where you stand.

Please take care of yourself. Don't take any more chances.


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I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

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