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QUESTION: If a child is born alive during an abortion is the doctor required to send the child to the hospital? If the child is taken to the hospital the child should make a full recovery and be released from the hospital alive?

ANSWER: Hello, administrator,

Laws vary from state to state. In Michigan, it is against the law NOT to provide care for any baby born alive after abortion. Whether or not the baby will survive depends primarily on how far along his mother was at the time of the abortion. Babies as young as 20 weeks can survive, and some will be healthy, although extreme prematurity can cause a number of serious medical problems. There is also any possible damage from the abortion, and lack of immediate care, to consider. Older babies will survive more readily, and again, this depends partly on what kind of damage they may have sustained, and what kind of care they receive, as well as just their general hardiness. Regardless, the law requires that they be given a chance, and given full life support treatment, with no discrimination based on the circumstances of their birth.

I hope this answers your question.

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QUESTION: Can an abortion doctor be charged with murder if he does not do this?

In Michigan, the law provides for punishment of anyone who has that legal responsibility and fails to provide care. At the moment, I don't have time to do extensive research to give you a specific answer as to whether they can be charged with murder. There were five bills involved.  You can access these here:

Feel free to ask any additional questions. I will be in and out of the room, so may not answer promptly.


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