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Abortion/Am I still having abortion symptoms or pregnancy symptoms?


QUESTION: Hi, I had an abortion June 10th. I had normal bleeding and didn't have any cramps. I went to my follow up appointment I took a pregnancy test and was told everything is good; I took a quick glance at it and it was negative. Well, I started having unprotected sex and I'm sure he has been finishing in me. Well, I don't know if my mind is playing games with me but I'm starting to cramp, I'm releasing this white/clear discharge, and I haven't been able to eat as much. ( as soon as I had the abortion I started eating like a pig). my boobs are also starting to get sore, and they haven't been sore since right after my abortion. Could I possibly be pregnant again (if I am, I'm keeping this baby) or I'm just having late abortion symptoms? I want to take a pregnancy test but I'm scared.

ANSWER: Hello, Kat,

It would be too soon for you to be having pregnancy symptoms from a new pregnancy. And it doesn't matter if he finishes in you or not. You can get pregnant even if he doesn't. The color of discharge is important. Clear is fertile. White is not, and can either be normal infertile mucus, or a sign of an infection. There IS the possibility you are still pregnant. You didn't say what kind of abortion you had, or how far along you were.

Feel free to take a pregnancy test.

You might want to seek some support, especially since you would not get a second abortion. You may have some issues that you could use some support with. There are organizations in your state that provide services to women who have experienced abortion. They can also help you answer the question as to whether you are pregnant right now. To find one near you, please go to this web site:

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Take good care of yourself.

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QUESTION: HI, I've noticed there's no white/creamy stuff, it's all clear now. I was around 12-13 weeks. We started having unprotected sex a week after the abortion. I was checked for infection and continuing pregnancy and everything came back fine. So, that's why I was wondering if I could be pregnant again since its been almost over 2 weeks since we started having relations. Also, I've been looking into getting help because this has taken a toll on my emotions.
I will definitely take a pregnancy test and let you know!

Hello, Kat,

Thank you for the update. Very helpful.

Clear, especially stretchy (like raw egg white), means you are fertile (you ovulate in the middle of several days of this mucus). However, it seems early for you to be fertile, since you only had the abortion 3 weeks ago. It also seems unlikely you are still pregnant from that abortion, although it's not impossible.

Definitely contact your local organization. They will help you with the emotional issues. Most of these organizations have women who have experienced abortion, and are trained to help. The best of luck to you. Take good care of yourself, and feel free to write any time, and let me know how you are doing. If you want to get into the emotional issues, I am willing; you might want to do so privately.


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