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Abortion/Unsuccessful abortion?


On the 14th of June I went into the clinic to take mifepristone, they did a ultrasound and determined I was about 3 weeks along. They instructed me to  insert 4 misoprostol pills vaginally, which I did, the next day. It's been almost 24 hours and I have had no bleeding. Cramping, back pains, some  nausea, but no bleeding. I called the nurse and she said because I was so early on, that it would most likely return like my period. I'm still not too convinced of this explanation.

Is there anything you could advice ?

Hello, Marie,

I agree with the nurse. This early, it doesn't mean a thing.

That said, they have put you in grave danger of your life by giving you the instructions to put misoprostol into your vagina. If you have Clostridium sordellii in your body (a fairly common thing), then you could develop a deadly infection. You need to be checked IMMEDIATELY by a doctor you can trust, to see if you have this. If you do, they need to start aggressive life support immediately. If you develop an infection, your body will not fight back, and your organs will simply start to shut down. PLEASE go to a doctor about this NOW.

There are organizations near you that have doctors who will understand this danger, whom you can trust. Please find the one near you, today, and go to the doctor. You can find one by going here:

PLEASE do this.

If you start to bleed heavily, there is also the danger you can bleed to death, so pay close attention. Take cayenne or eat foods with a lot of red hot peppers in them, and see a doctor.

These pills are SO DANGEROUS. The people who hand them out don't care about your life. They just want your money.

I hope you will be fine. But you really need to be under the care of a doctor. No woman should ever take these pills without medical supervision, and in fact, they are so dangerous, they should never be taken during pregnancy at all.

Please let me know how you are doing, and take good care of yourself. You deserve better.


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