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QUESTION: Good day,i had an abortion on may 17 and four days later i started bleeding heavily clot were coming out of which i went to the hospital and they did D&C for me,the bleeding started the next day i went to the hospital again but the doctor said there is nothing in my womb that the womb is in it's normal position but im still bleeding please i don't know if the bleeding is normal and when it will stop thanks.

ANSWER: Hello, christy,

I am glad you contacted me. This sounds potentially dangerous. After they did a D&C on you in the hospital, you shouldn't have been bleeding. You didn't say how much you are bleeding. No, it is not normal to bleed under those circumstances. It is my concern that you have an undiscovered injury. Please find a way to have someone else check you out. There are far too many cases where a hospital does something like this, and sends a woman home, and the bleeding proves to be very harmful. Please get some help from someone else IMMEDIATELY, and let me know what happens. Ask them to look for an injury that has not been discovered and also for possible internal bleeding into your abdomen. Good luck to you.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply well the bleeding is not much sometimes it looks like a finish period then the following day it will flow again

Hello, christy,

Thank you for the additional information. It may not be a problem, but it would be wise to check it out with someone else. If you can get cayenne as a supplement, then take some every day. I don't know that you have spicy food in your country, but if so, I would advise you to eat some with red hot peppers daily as an alternative. This will tend to prevent hemorrhage, which can happen suddenly and be severe. Take care.


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I can help women with the consideration of their decision, and with resources, and I can share my own experiences as the mother of seven and grandmother of eleven. My approach is to show love and concern, and help women work through the issues, emotional, spiritual, practical. I also help women deal with boyfriend and family issues. I am not a doctor, but I have done extensive medical research, so I may be able to help with information. I am female. When you write, if you are or were pregnant, please tell me how far along you were or are, and if you have had an abortion, please tell me what kind. Thank you.


I have been working with women who are considering abortion for several years. I also work with women who have had abortions. Our family has also experienced adoption, so I can talk about that as well.

I am mostly self-taught. I also studied midwifery for awhile. I have spent years doing research on this topic. In fact, I have been doing research and working in this area since the early 1970's. I have been helping women online for a few years, under the guidance of a woman who was formally training in counseling.

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