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Abortion/Still pregant after abortion pill


Carieichel wrote at 2007-08-06 02:17:28
I was extremely impressed that you would take action against this clinic or at least inform them as to their unprofessional and dangerous actions and instructions (or lack of). I hope you are able to follow-up with this young lady.

Kitty wrote at 2007-11-03 05:21:57
I just wanted to say that the above answer was excellent. I had an abortion by the abortion pill myself about 6 weeks ago. While I'm testing negative on pregnancy tests, I also haven't had my period yet...and reading this answer gave me a great sense of relief. Jean, thank you.

Carmen wrote at 2008-04-01 18:08:26
I also went through the same thing she did the difference was I did go for my follow up. Come to find out I had multiple pregnancy. So now I'm schedule for an emegency traditional abortion. My heart is aching cause I figured this is a miracle baby, but my doctor explained to me that the fetus will be deformed and that even thoug she wasn't my mother she saw me as a daughter and would not lie to me. It is hard but you have to ask yourself why would you bring a child to this world to suffer because a child knows even before is born that his mom really didn't want her or him. Sometimes hard decisions have to made for your sake and for your unborn child. Regardless if you partner doesn't understand. My partner totally abandoned me right after i told him that I had to have an emergency abortion and he just said" Do it but don't count on me" I will never have nor try to get you pregnant again. Right now I'm so hurt and embarrassed but I think about what would have been even if I was able to have it cause he would still give me a hard time and no support. The difference is now I have to be very careful and think about what he said always and prevent from getting pregnant by any means possible. Just thank God that we have a choice and that you are still able to take care of your situation. Is not too late.

Amy wrote at 2008-04-12 00:32:45
Well i never really respond to these websites but i wanted to respond to Jean P, I also had the abortion pill... i was 6 weeks pregnant and i also agree it was the hardest choice of my entire life and i regret it... But i had a teacher that i spoke to and she said that energy cannot be created or destroyed and when you are ready to conceive and the time is right that spirit "baby" will come back to you when the time is right..... Don't spend the time and energy beating yourself up. I do it to myself i am guilty but its a healing process. I wish you the best of luck.. and to everyone out there that is going through the same thing hold your heads up high... we arent murders, and were not going to hell... Life throws you obstacles how you choose to face them only makes you stronger...

kim wrote at 2008-07-23 23:49:13
I know in most cases people have success with the abortion pill, but I was one of the few that did not. I did have bleeding and clots and it lasted for 6 days and than slowly stopped. About a week later I felt pregnant still and I have 4 kids so I knew something was wrong. I went to the ER today and had an ultrasound so my baby has a beating heart and is ok. I now can't believe that I took both medications and have to term when after seeing the baby I don't want to anymore. This process was painful, confusing and now it is just the beginning of a long healing process. I wish I could take the pills back and I've posioned my child and I can't know if it would be deformed. I am angry at the pill for not working and myself for taking them. I just want everyone to never doubt that it is possible the pills didn't work or if you bleed and clot that the baby may still be there. Follow up after because if I didn't go with my gut I would have waited 6 or so weeks waiting for a period to come and than ended up finding out the baby is still alive and I am now in late stages of abortion which I think is so awful. Good luck

donna wrote at 2010-08-05 16:55:35
this is lies i had a medical abotion done at 8wks and im still pregnant.the baby is dead inside me and i have to go through it all again.when i contacted the clinic that did it they were very insensitive and no help at all.i contacted my gp and they sent me to early pregnancy clinic for a test and a scan.they were very nice in telling me but they told me the truth and how it was. all i say to you if you think there is a problem get it sorted now dont heart broke to hear that they baby was still there i got my hopes up just to get them shattered when they told me the baby was dead.i got what i desevered.dont make the same mistake i made.

Michelle wrote at 2010-09-28 06:12:13
No kidding there are lives at stake here...the life of the baby! I know it is a hard decision, but there are other options out there besides abortion. I fully agree that you are not a bad person. But I do not agree that choosing not to become a mother means taking the life of the one created inside you. There are thousands of women out there who would give anything to conceive and have children...that would love to parent the gift of life created within you. Adoption is another option...think about it first...

KLR wrote at 2011-04-19 02:32:46
I am sorry for any "religious" organization that may say "ask forgiveness every day" I have had a realtionship with Jesus my whole life and He forgives you once and for all when you ask. You may have natural consequenses but living in guilt is what Satan would want not God!  

me 2 wrote at 2015-01-24 04:58:50
I took the abortion pills and started to bleed and cramp within 4 hours. I passed large size clots and all its been 5 days and I'm still bleeding normally. I was experiencing really bad abdominal pain so I went to the emergency room only to find out by ultrasound that I'm still pregnant.... 11 weeks to be exact so I know exactly what your going through. Since I pass clots and all I thought the abortion was a success but due to the clots I'm afraid that my baby health would be jeopardize so therefore having another abortion done.  


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