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QUESTION: i was 7 weeks pregnant and i opted for medication abortion.after the second two pills i passed out a large clot.a week after the gynaec repeated the two pills.after 5 days i went for a usg and it showed a 29 mm retained tissue.she gave me another pill saying that the abortion was incomplete because of the retained mass and it needs to be released.i am still bleedind but in very small quantity.what should i do?would it pass with my next period?should i wait for my next period.would it cause infertility or any kind of infection?it is my first abortion and i have regular periods.please help

ANSWER: Hi Arunima :)

I suggest that after your next period you have them check one more time just to make sure. And of course if you feel any strange symptoms, get medical attention immediately.

With your next period the contractions of your uterus should be able to expel the rest :)

Infertility is only a risk if an infection does happen, but if you have access to medical care, infections can be treated promptly.

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QUESTION: thank u for your immediate response....i cannot explain how greatful i am.....
i have few more questions
what are the symptoms of infection?
should i try to contract my uterus?would that help?
i am bleeding in very small amounts.i bled normal after taking the last pill for one day only. since then the bleeding has become lighter and i am bleeding very little now.its occurring at foul discharge,no smell,no pain,no cramps,no nausea,no tender breasts,nothing.just scarce it normal?

i hope i am not disturbing by my questions.i am actually very scared and tensed.

You're too sweet!

Symptoms could be a fever, chills, sweating, bad smelling discharge, abnormally heavy bleeding.

Actually, you can't force your uterus to contract-it usually does so in response to hormone levels. A type of medication used in medical abortions is used specifically for that purpose.

Sounds totally normal! Bleeding like that can happen for several weeks.

You can ask me ANYTHING!! I don't want you to be scared, please message me if you ever need to talk :)

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