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Hey I'm 22 and form birmingham west midlands. I had an abortion 2 weeks ago a week afta my abortion I started taking my oral pill but 9 days after my abortion I had sex with my bf unprotected he did nt ejaculate and it was only for a short while the next day I went and took the morning afta pill. I'm jus realy wurried now. And I'm feelin realy sick all the time and realy tired the last 3days.. What are my chances of being pregnant 9days after my abortion? and the chances of the morning afta pill working succesfuly in my case ?"
Thank u

These syptoms are due to the combination of the pills.  However, if you check a urine pregnancy test in 2 weeks, it should be negative.  If it is positive, you need to have an ultrasound.  You are suppose to use condoms for 2 weeks after starting the pill.  

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