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I had a surgical abortion.. and I didnt bleed afterwards.. only sever pain in my abdomen .. cramps but intense very intense is this normal not bleeding?.. the pain went away after 4 days I didnt suffer from fever or  any discharge with odor.. 27 days later  I had my period .. normal as usual... lasted for 5 days as usual... I am afraid it my have affected  my fertility .. did it .. and my doctor is out of town  so I need some answers just ease my mind ... is it normal to have the intense cramps and not bleed.. I took my antibiotics. . Exactly on time and I now get my periods on time... its my first and abortion .. as well as I feel some pain almost 14 days after my period  counting from the first dday of the period .. with some white discharge it has no smell.. does this mean I am still ovulating ..or something is wrong with... I am planning to have kids in the future and I dont want an abortion to affect my fertility to have one in the future .. and if it does  how can it do so... (btw I am 22 years old )

Much appreciated

Hi Sasha :)

From what it sounds like, your fertility is doing quite well-you're getting your period, which means you're ovulating, which is when one of your ovaries releases an egg. In order to become pregnant, sperm must reach that egg.

Make an appointment when they get back, just as a follow up to make sure everything is alright.

The pain you feel 14 days after is most likely  "middleschmertz" which is pain caused by the ovary releasing the egg (ovulating). Some people experience it, some don't.

Your vaginal discharge will change over the course of your cycle. As long as you're not itchy or it's not unusual, you should be fine. Discharge can get sticky like that around ovulation, as the mucous around your cervix (opening to the uterus) changes to accomodate any sperm in preperation.

Sounds like the procedure and recovery have gone incredibly well!

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