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QUESTION: Hi Danielle. I would like to get your opinion on the Gosnell case, and how you think it will affect the abortion debate. Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: I'm sorry for the delay-it's finals week, so I basically lived in my textbooks.

I'm not 100% familiar with the case, but from what I do know was that he carried out a horrific practice. I'm sure there are more details that could give me a better opinion, so if you'd like, you can message me back when you get this or have the time, and I'll have read up on the case. My apologies, but I want to get this message to you without further delay that would be caused by reading up this very moment.

Talk with you soon! (I will be away this weekend...my goodness, what luck! But I will get back to you early in the week) Take  care!

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QUESTION: Hi Danielle. Please don't worry about not getting back to me sooner. I completely understand. Please respond when you have some free time, and after you have had the chance to read up on the case. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. Have yourself a nice relaxing week-end!

Thank you so much!

Is there anything specifically you would like my opinion on? I can see he ran an illegal practice, performing illegal abortions, and ended up killing a young woman, who I'm assuming was scared and despertae, which is heartbreaking. She shouldnt have had to lose her life, but when you restrict access to the procedure, these tragedies are an inevitable and inexusable.  

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