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QUESTION: Hi. My question is when do you personally believe that a fetus becomes a human being? And do you believe that abortion should be legal and accessible regardless of how far along a woman is in her pregnancy? Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Hi Jane, sorry for the delay!

I do think it should be-the idea of any child being raised by someone who doesn't fully want it is just cause for problems.

I'm actually not sure how I feel about it, to be honest! Maybe the third trimester, i honestly can't pinpoint an exact time.

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QUESTION: If a woman doesn't want the child or does but does not feel that she can properly take care of him or her, why not just put the baby up for adoption and give it a chance to have a good life? I am not staunchly anti abortion, more like on the fence. I understand why a woman might want to have an abortion, but isn't adoption the better alternative for everyone? It just doesn't seem right that a child should have to die, especially since he/she didn't ask to be conceived. Hope you don't mind the follow-up question, and no worries about the delay. Thank you.

Because adoption is the alternative to parenting, not abortion. Being a birth mother puts one at risk for depression and negative emotions much more than abortion does. Choosing adoption still means almost a full year or pregnancy & all the risks that come along with it, including labor & delivery.

And only healthy white babies are really being adopted. Most of the kids waiting for families are over the age of 6, disabled and/or of color.

I see it as a better alternative for very few pregnant women. It is completely life changing and for many completely devastating.

To me it's not a child. IT's a pregnancy, zygote, embryo, then fetus that is inhabiting another person's body-I put that person, the woman, before any potential life. Murderers on death row aren't forced to donate their blood & organs, despite the many people in need of such things, yet 3omen are being forced to do just that. An abortion is literally an induced miscarriage-you may be sad for all the pregnancies that end in miscarriage (the medical term is spontaneous abortion), but that clump of cells doesn't even have the ability to know it even existed.  

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