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Hi. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the young woman who worked as a counselor at an abortion clinic who decided to film her abortion and share it on-line? I personally thought it was very brave of her, but I know there are a lot of people (even those who consider themselves pro-choice) who feel that she trivialized abortion by doing so, and that felt uncomfortable with what they felt was her cavalier attitude about the procedure. What do you think? Judging by the on-line comments on various forums, calls to radio shows etc. it seems anti abortion folks have done a great job of making abortion a dirty word, and keeping the stigma alive. I can certainly understand where anti abortion folks are coming from (they want abortion to seem frightening, dangerous, shameful etc.) but I don't understand those so-called pro-choice folks. It's similar to gay and lesbian people coming out of the closet. By sharing our abortion experiences we are saying that having an abortion is NOT something to be ashamed of. But some people say that while it's not something to be ashamed of, it's not something to be proud of or celebrate either, and take issue with it being called liberating or empowering. But I feel it can be both, even if the woman does feel some sadness. Also, I think a lot of the regret, guilt, shame and other negative emotions that some women do struggle with after an abortion have to do with the fact that there is still such a stigma attached to the procedure, and that society does not seem to respect their choice. How can you feel good about your choice when you are constantly being told how irresponsible, selfish, immoral etc. it was? You know? So I think this young woman did a very brave and selfless and courageous thing, because she is obviously an intelligent young woman and KNEW that she was going to be opening herself up to judgment and condemnation yet she did it anyway. Granted, I'm sure it was cathartic for her, but I feel she also did it to help other women who may be struggling. After all, as an abortion clinic counselor she must see women come in all the time who have been personally affected by the anti choice rhetoric that we have all been exposed to. I found it absolutely ridiculous how some people were saying that she went and got pregnant on purpose just so she could get an abortion and record it. How utterly absurd! I know that abortion is an extremely safe procedure, however like with any medical procedure there is some degree of risk and there is also discomfort/pain involved. What woman would deliberately get pregnant just to put herself through that? Only one that was mentally ill in my opinion! Besides, I don't think any woman WANTS to have an abortion. I am one hundred percent pro-choice (no exceptions, no reservations) and I make no apologies for it. And while I wouldn't think twice about terminating an unwanted pregnancy if | ever found myself in such an unfortunate predicament, I certainly would deliberately go out of my way to do so. It also pissed me off how so many people were acting all morally outraged because she admitted to not using birth control, but that is her choice. There are lots of reasons why women may not use birth control, unpleasant or uncomfortable side-effects for example. It's really no one else's business. And as unpopular a statement I know this will be, abortion technically IS a form of birth control. It's just not one that is meant to be used as a regular form of birth control, and quite frankly I don't see why any woman would rather have a medically invasive, uncomfortable medical procedure over and over again as opposed to taking a pill or using a condom or whatever. Anyway, sorry for rambling on here! This is just something that I feel quite passionate about (women's issues and rights in general are something I am very passionate about). I would love to hear your thoughts, as a fellow woman who is also pro-choice. Thank you for your time.

lol i dont have much to add to what u said! Shame on allegedly "pro choice" people shaming her-the fact is for some people, the procedure just is not a big deal. For others, the stress of travel, finances, medication effects and pain can make it even tougher to go trhough than would otherwise be happening, all because pregnant women are not trusted to be able to make their own decisions. I just had a rude MOTHER tell me, verbatim, that birthing women who get an epidural for pain relief are stupid. Even women are judging other women for private, personal medical choices, so someone putting up a video unapologetically is going to piss them off for sure.

Yes, it's possible to feel sad and need to grieve the loss while not regretting the choice. It's just anti choice people make it black & white-sadness after abortion to them means its bad, when that just may be part of the process for the woman.

I know people are pissed that she mentioned having casual unprotected sex-good for her for being honest. Lol, i have to laugh, bc im sure most people have not strictly used condoms until being exclusive 6 months, then getting full testing before going without, yet they sure want to act like they do...and ignore the issues of access and cost & education. Thats a decision for the people being sexual with each other to make (or not make) & deal with, not anyone else. HEr mistakes resulted in pregnancy, so she dealt with it accordingly, just as if she contracted an STI, she could get treated. And people really like to act that birth control is 100%-not even sterilization perfect use (ie in a lab setting) gives you that.  

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