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Hello Danielle,

I am a student a Kaplan University, currently working on a research paper on abortion. I have been instructed to conduct an interview with an expert on the topic as part of my research. If it is at all possible that you would be available for an interview, simply through email, please let me know. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

I'm so sorry for the delay!

I'd love to help, but not sure if I qualify for what you need as an "expert." Hopefully I am not too late, and can still be of service. Had an unpredictable couple of weeks, but should be much more readily available if needed.

If not, I hope you were able to find someone!

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I can answer questions regarding medical and surgical abortion, questions about abortion in general, like moral and religious issues concerning the procedure. I'm happy to answer questions, have discussions, and provide further information, like pro-choice websites and organizations.


I have people close to me who have gotten abortions, I know the current abortion issues, and I have researched abortion in depth for a long time.

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