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Do you think that abortion is cruel and inhumane?
Do you believe abortion is murder?
When do you believe life begins?

I believe that abortion is cruel as evidenced in the means to which it is physically performed.  I will not go into details, but it is alarming that it is even considered, considering the cruel procedures that are used to terminated pregnancies.
Regarding "murder", I believe that abortion unjustly terminates a person's (the child's) life and does away with all that he or she could have done in life, whether it be an uneventful life or an extraordinary one.  It is up to the states to decide if it is murder or not.  It definitely ends lives.
My opinion is that life begins at conception.
Thank you, and best wishes.

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I am definitely pro-life and can explain that position very well, along with related issues such as economic, sociological, emotional, and biblical.


Strong faith and study.

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