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Abusive Relationships/i think i am in a sexually abusive relationship..


butterflypoo wrote at 2012-12-27 02:57:51
The two most important things for a partner is that they care about you and respect you. He may say that this is true, but for them to be true, he has to listen to you. He is not listening to you, and what he did to you was rape. You clearly said no, multiple times, and besides the fact that you said no, he did not care that you were in physical pain. The emotional pain is much deeper though. We all get horny from time to time, but he is in control of his actions and there is no excuse for a man to act like that.

I am sorry, but I think you should end this relationship. You deserve someone who sees your body as a temple to be treated gently and with care. You are important and being intimate with you is sacred.

He did not honor that.  

butterflypoo wrote at 2012-12-27 03:00:14
The person that you are in a relationship should not make you feel like an object, but should make you feel very special and cared for. You should be calm with them and know that nothing will happen that you do not want to.

His being possessive may seem like caring, and maybe he wants to care for you, but he does not know how to and is hurting you. He cannot respect himself or you to do such a thing.  

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I can answer just about anything when it comes to abusive relationships. The only thing I am unable to give is legal advice. I can answer questions regarding emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse. I have experience in this category and I am also studying psychology. I can also offer advice if it is drug and/or alcohol related.


I have been in many relationships. A few of them were abusive relationships. I survived rape/incest and being in abusive relationships. I was emotionally, physically, mentally, and sexually abused by my ex-husband. He was also a drug and alcohol abuser, which made it worse.

I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. I am in my second year.

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