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My wife and I have been separated since our domestic dispute over a month ago. I was arrested and she had move out and into a women shelter temporarily. When i did get out i try to reach out to her to mind things only to be serve with a protective order. In the copy of the affidavit she claims she call the police and while she was on the stand in court she seem very shaky since the very beginning. She went on to say that the leasing office people call the cops on that day

Why would she not admit in calling the cops like she said she did in the affidavit?

She also told the D.A and the court that I had warn her before hand before I hit her to stop nagging me. Also which wasn't in the affidavit. strange.

Also in the affidavit she say suffered a black eye and a bloody nose in another incident between us.Then on the stand she said she did suffered a black eye due to the bloody nose but only she could have notice it looking in the mirror

She clearly doesnt want anything to do with me but what i dont understand is. Why did she go backwards on the stands?"

People often vary their story a bit between writing things down and speaking them outloud. When you're writing down an event, you have more time to think, to add things, to imagine things, etc. When you're speaking, you often only can remember the most important details, or the most honest ones.

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