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I really do not know how to aproche this,. I was married for 2 0 years , diivoresed BSA we just grew appart.
Now I'm in relationship that did not go thru before, when my boyfriend gets upset he will call me bad names, pug me, hit me..... And say it it sy fault bcs I get quite when he gets upset and I do not reply to his indsolts. What do I o?  Is it my fault?

Hi Zuzana

Get OUT of this relationship NOW.

NO it is not your fault your boyfriend is abusive.

Plan you exit and DON'T let him know.

Then execute the plan and LEAVE NO WAY TO FIND YOU.

Violent types can kill. Visit a battered women's shelter for more advice and take it - consider calling the police if you have to prior to leaving, if you get stuck or he gets violent again. Report the abuse.

After you leave, get an Injunction against his violence after you leave or when you talk to police.  Please let me know you have been successful and are safe!  Never underestimate  violent men.   They are deadly.

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