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Hi, I started talking to this guy whom I met online a little over 2 weeks ago. He seems like a nice guy, very charming, funny. I love talking with him but I Googled him and found that he's a level 3 sex offender. I told him I knew and he admitted it, but wouldn't say what happened when I asked. He always says I can ask anything, except that I guess. He has said, he likes to talk about sex once in a while nd that he thinks about it every now and then. The subject of sex has come up a fue times in the last 3 days, casually brings it up. He hasn't forced me to talk about anything I didn't want to and always gives me an option sutch as, you dont have to answer or talk about it if you aren't comfortable. Said he wants me to feel comfortable with him and I said, "I know" and he said, "I hope you do". I asked what kind of relationship he was looking for and he said, friend or girlfriend and that what ever happens between us is fine. I also asked him if I had any reason to be fearful of him and he said, no. He doesn't knnow the exact location where I live but he knows what I look like and as do I about him.
I have a couple of questions. Is it ok if I continue to talk with him? Do you think he could be menipulating me in order to gain my trust? I'm afraid I could start having feelings for this guy that I may not be able to ignore if I keep talking with him. He has also told me I'm cute 4 different times.
Please help as soon as you can. Thank you

Dear Melissa,

Thanking you inquiring with All Experts. I see red flags all over with your friend. He is being patient, meek, and demonstrating a passive personality. From my experience in dealing with sex offenders, they are sutile in their approach as to not create any waves with whom they have targeted. This is their way of manipulating there victims. They always try to gain  their  victims confidence by feeling them out and adjusting their m.o. to match their behavior. Its a con game which you have lead him. Additionally, Meeting a guy on line...VERY BAD IDEA.

I would consider your options now and not wait until something unfortunate happens.



P.S. In Job 28:18 it says, "Coral and rock crystal themselves will not be mentioned, but a bag full of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls."  

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