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Abusive Relationships/is my husband a sociopath?


Hi,husband is most of the time angry at me for his own reason. he calls me nasty names,saying nasty things,saying I wasted his time and he doesnt care about me. This mostly happens when he goes out drinking. He goes where he wants to when he wants to without me having a say in anything. He never apologizes for his actions and laughs at me while I cry because of the things he says. I am unemployed because he does not want me to work but when we argue he says I make no contribution. I am a stay at home mom,he calls me constantly to check up on me if im still alone at home. is my husband a sociopath? is it a good idea to divorce? all the debts are in my name and how would I provide for our child plus I think i might be pregnant again. When he usually argues he always says that our daughter is not his,iv never cheated,never will,hell im not even allowed to have friends.
thank you for taking the time,sorry it was so long. any advice would be appreciated.

It's good you have recognized that you are in an abusive relationship, but you have to recognize that the situation doesnt get better and if your husband is abusive only when he drinks that's not a sociopath. Sociopaths don't have regards for anyone or anything and it seems like your husband has some issues with his drinking and you need to make some decisions as to what is best for you and your daughter and your unborn baby. The longer you stay the worst the problems get and believe me if your husband was a sociopath he won't be to apt to want to take responsibility for his actions. I would start planning on leaving and I would reach out to a social service agency to help you get stable and you may want to apply for public aid to help you get back on your feet. It's about trying to get out of this marriage and I would look at what it would take to get the process of divorce started. Open up a post office box and reroute your mail. Since the household debt is in your name look at filing for bankruptcy to clean up your credit so you can re-establish yourself and if you are in a facility for battered women make sure the place can't be traced. You can't tell anyone around you that could expose your whereabouts and establish a brand new email address and if you're using the computer at home clear the cache so there's no trace of your communication with someone. If you have a cell phone get a brand new number and be careful who you talk to because someone could tell your husband what you're doing. You may want to leave in the cover of night if your husband leaves to go out drinking. Make sure you take everything you own with you and leave nothing behind. At that time you should have filed for the divorce and leave the papers at the house for your husband to find. Make sure it's uncontested and file for full custody of your children and your husband is to have supervised visits with child support. Cross all your Ts and dot your Is and surround yourself with supportive people to get through this rough time.

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I have been in abusive relationships and I have shared my experience in helping others to get out of these types of relationships. I was in two abusive relationships one lasting nearly 2 years and the other for 5 years.

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