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My husband threw me across the room because we were having an argument and felt that I was in his way and he was trapped in the room. He got arrested and is on a no contact order until the matter is resolve in court. He has never been physically violent before. However, he has anger issues that we have gone to counseling for, childhood trauma and trauma from military deployments he is refusing to deal with,  and when angry he can be very mean and verbally abusive. Could this be a one time thing, can he seek help to deal with his abusive behavior and be successful, and is there any hope to make this a healthy marriage? Should you need more information, please let me know. Thanks, Sandra

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for asking these very good questions, and I am very sorry that you are experiencing such events. Anger and childhood trauma can certainty affect one’s behavior and belief system but there is NO excuse for physical violence. People as such use verbal abuse and physical attacks to “shut” the other person down or silence them to remain in control so they don’t have to deal with their anger issues. This behavior will continue until that person decides to seek help and change their abusive ways.

Your question of could this be a one time thing and the answer is usually it is not. Escalation is the normal patter with many starting out with verbal abuse, manipulation, and threats then moving up the ladder to physical attacks. All of these behaviors are done to get you to back off so he doesn’t have to change his ways.

Your second question of can he seek help and be successful and the answer is yes if he is ready to change his ways. But unfortunately, change is very, very difficult and most do not complete the counseling sessions which can take at least a year to complete. He has to admit he needs help and seek professional counseling on his own in order for any change to occur. He also has to stop blaming you for his inappropriate and harmful behavior and take full responsibility for his actions.

Your last question of is there hope for a healthy marriage and the answer is unknown until he seeks and completes his counseling sessions. I would suggest that you have NO contact with him for at least 6 months then check back with him to see how he is doing with his counseling program. If he hasn’t gone to counseling, then you have your answer. There will be NO change if he doesn't complete a good counseling program on his own.

Please keep asking questions as you go along and I would suggest that you contact a local women’s group that specializes in abusive relationships and domestic violence for more information and support as you move forward. Even if your husband promises to change, he needs to prove it to you by completing his counseling sessions and never use harmful behavior towards you again. This is not your fault that he behaves in this manner and it is up to him to seek the help that is needed for him to learn new ways to deal with his anger.

You deserve the very best in life and moving forward for a happier and healthier life is the correct path to take for a more peaceful and joyful life.

Much peace to you,

Coach Cathy,
Cathy Backlund, Life Coach, Specializing in Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence Education  

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