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Hi, thx for taking the time to view my question.  How do I tactfully handle insults that are given in response to my genuine efforts to help the other person. I don't want to attack and say fu, but I also don't want to lie down and let them get away with it.  I know I should say "that bothers me, and I don't appreciate it" but unfortunately in this situation it will be showing signs of weakness.  I've often considered no response and breaking all ties as well.

Sincerely, Al

Hi Al,

Here's a solution.

Say nothing about past insults with this person.

And STOP giving advice or help to this person. In their way, they are telling you it is unwelcome.

If you are a helpful person, there are MANY opportunities to help those who would appreciate you. But advice has to be asked for, never given prior to being asked for it. Pride is every man's sin, on both the giving and receiving end, unfortunately.

Best to you!

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