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I've been married for 40 yrs my husband is the only way of life I know been with him from age 15  he was abusing me after we got married he would sit on my legs and strt hitting me and one I was he was sneaking out into my living room and screwing my cousins . Any ways that just hurt me and. Threw out our marrage he wouldn't let me go any were he would take aw,sy things so I couldn't go any were he wouldn't let me even go to my moms  in 1998 I got interduced to meth I used awhile it was like a happy place for me then I stoped and  one he found out that I was using drugs I had stoped meth but was doing coke a few times a month  thing got bad I ended up with bruises all over me he would pick me up from the floor and throw me into the wall and hit me in the head with the phone one dy he found drugs on me he started hittin me and kicked me so bad it hurt so much I couldn't breathe. He wouldn't take to hospital for 2 days wn I got there they said tht if I wouldn't of got there wn I did I would of died he had hit me so that I broke my ribs and it punchered my lungs I had to sty in hospital for 3 days  the problem I didn't him in for it I haven't ever had to work or live alone and he owns his own busniess and iam always being told that if I file for divorce he will put me in prison for gettin in one of his l
Busniess cks and writing it and he said if iam in jail he would end up with everything please can u help me get a divorce were he has to pay for it I have no money and leg laid here refused me I want out of here please

Hi Sue

Call a battered women's shelter and get out of there. Don't let him know you are leaving, not even one little hint in any way. Plan to go to this safe place he doesn't know, when he isn't going to be home for awhile. Make it fast. Get your valuables out  and any evidence - bills from the medical expenses, photos of your abuse and wounds, etc., if you have any and GO.

Seek help first from the battered women's shelter in your area and also then by calling the police and filing a restraining order. Then file for divorce.  The shelter may have funds to help you set up a place to live elsewhere, or have a place for you there while you get back up on your feet.

Every day is a danger. He should be in jail. Do this right and put him there. Visit www.lovefraud.com

You married a sociopath. They never change and could very likely take joy in killing you one day. Never underestimate them, they lie constantly.

GET OUT as soon as possible without him even knowing. Watch "Sleeping with the enemy" to get ideas too - and seek help from only those who would never betray you to him.

This will be a very hard time for you - but you can survive and then thrive after this! Let me know how you are doing!  

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