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As a parent living far from her daughter, I feel quite helpless. My daughter (35 yrs old but a bit younger emotionally) is in an emotionally abusive relationship with her boyfriend of 10 years. He is 38 years old but very immature and irresponsible. Our family had addiction issues and this cycle seems to be continuing with her just taking this abuse. His family had addiction issues as well. He screams at her, tells her she is the bipolar and evil one, berates her family, opens the window and screams out to the neighborhood "don't you touch me" as if she were physically attacking him, badmouths her to everyone (even clients of hers)after an argument, when she tells him to leave he says she has to give him half of the contents of the bank account and the car as well. She has done this a few times; the problem is she takes him back. He sits on the couch and watches TV while she works at her home-based business. On the occasions when he is in a good mood, she says he is a nice guy and at that point will help her with her work.
Once she was so terrified at his actions, she called the police. As his name is on the lease as well as hers, the police said they cannot remove him from the premises.  He will leave and then come back and beg her to take him back. She always does, and he is nice for a period of time and then it starts over again. His family have all told him they are through with him. I tell her to move, change the lease, get rid of him anyway she can, get an order of protection, whatever it takes. Their state is not a common-law marriage state. I have told her to come here but she does not want to leave her business or her state. Can you give me any ideas? Thank you.

Father, I come to you to pray for this person that is in this abusive relationship. I pray you give this person the means they need to leave and I pray you give this person the strength to leave and not look back. I pray you break the yoke that is binding this person from being able to get away. Father, you know my situation and why this person is laying on my heart so strong. I pray for mountains to be moved in Jesus name. I ask that you give us a calm and peaceful heart and take away the negative things that have come on us from the abuse. I pray that your Holy Spirit will clean our hearts and minds and we will be whole and able to move past this like it never happened. Jesus, I know this is your will because your will is that we age safe and away from strongholds of the devil therefore I am going to walk in this. I am going to make plans and consider myself out of this physically and mentally. Thank you Jesus, .thank you Jesus, I am healed and I am on the watch for how you are going to help me.. AMEN Oh God,

Iím in deep trouble. My world is confused and chaotic. I feel scared. How much abuse is too much? When he said he was sorry, is he? Will he change?

My heart screams out for help. Why doesnít anybody hear? Why is my husband so cold? It is as though the heart I used to know has left and the shell remains. He hurts me so much. Iíve tried so hard to make him happy. Nothing makes him happy. Will he hurt me even more next time? Where do I turn? Who can help me?

Lord, no one seems to see the bruises on my heart. No oneís words soothe my pain. My life is shattered in thousands of pieces. Their jagged edges lay before me, taunting me that I will never be whole.

I wonít give up that you can help me. I will choose to see you as my healer and my comforter. I will watch you as you come to me tonight and bend down and begin to pick up every shattered piece and gather them together. When those large, razor-sharp pieces slice through the tips of your fingers, I will remember that this isnít the first time that you shed your blood for me.

As I see you humbly kneel down before me, carefully picking up each painful memory of my life, I see the heart of God. You ache over my anguish. I am not alone. I know that I will be whole again.


she is in toxic drama,only prayer changes things/people,if possible email this to her

Although it is never easy to end an abusive relationship, using spiritual principles to get out of the relationships can speed up the healing process. As you prepare to leave the abusive relationship, it is important to use the legal system, as well as spiritual principles, because your safety might be at risk.

Dear God,
I am in a relationship that feels abusive and I need Your help.  If I take steps to make changes, Iím afraid Iíll end up with bigger problems than I have now.  Please take away my fear of the future and replace it with Your love.  Please give me the courage to take prompt and decisive action, if needed, to ensure my safety and well-being.  I am learning that You want only happiness for me.  If I will listen to You, You will show me how to find it without delay.  With Your support and wisdom, I am capable of doing whatever I need to do to move towards a peaceful life.  I trust that You are orchestrating every detail on my behalf.  Thank You for ensuring my safety and security at all times.  Thank You for healing any part of my mind that is invested in suffering or is consenting to abuse. There is nothing to fear because You walk with me and I am forever safe in Your love.  Thy will be done.  Amen
The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a powerful weapon in the fight against abuse.  If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, call 1-800-799-SAFE.  This number links to the nearest domestic violence center in your area.  The call is totally anonymous.  Itís untraceable.  The first step is picking up the phone and calling for help.  Please take that first step.  

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