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I've never been in a situation like this but I have a very bad feeling. About one year ago, I was trying to wake my boyfriend up in the morning and our dog came over. While waiting for him to wake up, I was playing around with the dog and he jumped on my boyfriend. My boyfriend got very angry and picked up our dog's toy (a stuffed animal) and hit me across the face with it as hard as he could. I was stunned. I wasn't hurt but that definitely seemed abusive to me. He told me he thought I had got the dog to jump on him on purpose and that's why he did it. He did apologize. And I forgave him. So fast forward to yesterday and we are talking outside and I told him how I wanted this makeup set off the internet. He said well maybe for Christmas. I was disappointed because I know he'll never get it. I told him that this is why I never ask him for anything anymore because I always get disappointed. He took a newspaper he already had in his hand and threw it at my face very hard. Again I was not physically hurt but this scares me. We have been together for 3 years and I have put so much into this relationship. We have been to couples counseling but I have never mentioned this. I'm just confused on what to do now. Thank you for your help


Yes this is abuse. It may be mild, but it is offensive and disrespectful. Why would you want that in your life? If you continue to let little things like this slide then you are together 3 more years and you will feel even less inclined to break up. I would deal with it directly. If you are not willing to break off the relationship then at least you should confront the issue. Not doing so means that he will continue to do it.

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