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my cousin is engaged to be married, well the bum she is marrying physically abuses her and sadly she had two kids by this bum...well the bridal shower was yesterday and I did go to that and gave a gift, the bum wasn't there, just the family.....and not his family.... I figure id go to something since I do not want to go to the wedding....I can't bear to witness an abuser marrying his foolish abusee ...what would you do? boycott the wedding and don't go.....or just go....

always be true to self and follow ur  heart;; What would cause you to boycott a wedding?

I don't approve of their choice of spouse.I don't think I could stand up in a wedding if I didn't feel comfortable about the rel@tionship.  I'm not talking about a friend who marries a guy who seems boring or even strange.  I'm talking about a rel@tionship that seems dangerous or abusive.  Part of a traditional wedding service includes a charge to the congregation stating to uphold and support the marriage.  If I couldn't make that promise, I don't think I could stand up at the wedding.

I've never had to face this situation, however.   I don't think I could support them.These would all be deal-breakers in my book, and I would not attend.

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