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Mitchell wrote at 2013-08-19 08:08:16
If a woman is being emotionally, verbally or physically abused by her husband she has every right to separate herself from him until he changes.  According to the bible God hates divorce.  He allows for divorce because of infidelity, but only because of the hardness of our heart.  If she is a believer and he is not she can separate herself from him yet not divorce him.  If he "unbeliever" leaves she is free to end the marriage.   If they are both believers she is to remain single until they are reconciled to each other.  The only way this can happen is if he repents and truly changes.  If he does not repent she can not remarry, yet stay separated.  If she does she has committed adultery and whomever she marries is also guilty of adultery.  I unfortunately am that believing husband who was emotionally abusive.  My wife never sought counseling or tried to speak with our pastor.  We had struggled before and she moved back to her home and I asked if her pastor if he would counsel me.  He would not.  Sort of left me alone.  I thought I was doing okay then she hit me with divorce papers.  I feel her parents were giving her bad advice and she never sought guidance from her pastor.  I agree I failed and don't minimize her pain.  I am seeking counseling now and praying she will forgive me and we can rebuild.  If she truly listens to the Holy Spirit we can be reconciled to each other, and I will love her as Christ loves the church.  No matter what I will never ever, ever  treat anyone as I had treated her.  I see my sin and have sat before Christ in repentance.  

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