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I work at a country club in West Bloomfield.  New management came in 6 years ago.  Our time cards are changed.  His reason is that 99% of people punch in early. A few times I caught the change and confronted him.  His reasons were, it was not initialed by manager on schedule, so it was their fault not his.  He claims now that our health insurance cost is paid 2 weeks after the start of the month.  He has charged all employees an extra month, then went as far as changing the insurance and backing the month to the start.  So he has charged us two months worth of insurance.  One week ago, I received a letter in mail that I was cut to part time and had to pay full price for benefits.  Everyone is afraid of him.  He starts yelling and cussing and threatens to fire us.

This is all illegal and should be reported to the Michigan Department of Labor. Changing timecards is illegal it is called "Timecard Fixing" and he could be penalized both personally or the company fined and penalized for doing this.  It sounds like he is doing something fishy with the insurance.  Yelling and cussing and threatening to fire is a hostile workplace. He can be sued for yelling and cussing at employees.

Contact the Department of Labor in Michigan and let them know what is going on and tell them about the time card fixing and the insurance costs. The "Whistleblower" law protects you against retaliation for reporting this to the Department of Labor.

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth
611 W. Ottawa
Lansing, MI 48909
MI Tel. 517-373-1820
Fax 517-241-1580

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The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth (DLEG) has got its work cut out for itself. The agency's mission is the promotion of economic growth and workforce development in the Great Lakes State. Responsibilities falling under that umbrella include developing entrepreneurs, gaining and retaining business, protecting the state's core industries, enhancing urban and rural communities, promoting excellence in education, strengthening the current workforce (through job-related training and the creation of new jobs), and encouraging advances in technology. DLEG is comprised of dozens of labor and economic development agencies, as well as various commissions.

Director: Stanley (Skip) Pruss
Acting Director Public Relations: Paula Stevens
Media and Public Relations: Lori Donlan

If the Michigan Department of Labor cannot help you can also report it to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) This is the Federal Government Agency that investigates unfair practices at work.

The NLRB in Boston serves the state of Michigan.

Welcome to Region 1 of the National Labor Relations Board. We conduct elections, investigate charges of unfair labor practices, and protect the rights of workers to act together, serving most of New England from our office in Boston. If you have questions or wish to file a charge or petition for election, please visit our office or call and ask for the Information Officer on duty. We can arrange to have someone speak with you in the language of your choice. We are also happy to provide speakers and materials to promote a greater understanding of the National Labor Relations Act.

Serving areas in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, & Rhode Island


Acting Regional Director
Ronald Cohen

Assistant to the Regional Director
Elizabeth Gemperline

Deputy Regional Attorney
Scott Burson


Regional Office

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Boston, MA 02222-1072

Phone: (617) 565-6700

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