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I'm starting a lawn care business. I don't know too much about the business side of things. This might sound like a silly question, but how would I go about filing my taxes at the end of year for my business?

Hey Josh,

Doesn't sound silly at all. If you haven't opened a business before, I wouldn't expect you to know these things :).

Your lawn care business will most likely be considered a sole proprietorship as long as you're the only owner. In that case, filing taxes is pretty easy. You'll file them with your personal 1040 at tax time. There is an additional schedule that most be included with your taxes - Schedule C - profit and loss.

I would recommend that you invest in some good accounting software, such as Quickbooks to help keep track of your income and expenses.

I hope that answered your question. Be sure to submit a new question if you need anymore assistance.  

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