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Hi I just started a job that delivers bread to grocery stores I was never told that it was salry pay I also didn't sign any papers I simply showed up to the loading dock and them Started working driving with a employee and then showing me what to do it has been 5 days I started last week on Thursday at 2 am and work up until 3 pm the first day I then went in the same time on Friday and worked until 330 pm and then agin on Friday and didn't get home until 630pm I was then informed that I would not be receiving hourly pay I would get 500 dollars before taxes for a full week of work. I got my pay check and it was under 300 dollars for the time I worked in the 3 days. Am I obligated to receive 455 dollars in a salary pay check while I'm training for any amount of hours worked or should I be getting paid hourly since I did not work a full work week? Sorry for paragraph but I'm stuck and think im getting ripped off for all the time I we been working and barley getting any pay
Ps I live in mass but my work home base is out of Vermont

You can be paid either hourly or salaried, however, your job is non exempt which means you need to get minimum wage for all the hours you work and overtime for hours over 40 in a week.

500.00 - taxes should be close to this..(I don't know your state amount or your W-4 deductions) so I am guessing using standard math for our state.

Federal is around 20%
State is usually around 7%
Fica is always 2.6%
Medicare is always 1.45%

That would be a total of around 31% for taxes

500.00 X 31% is 155.00.  500.00-155.00 is 345.00

Now if your state tax is more or if your federal tax is a little more because of how your W-4 is filled out it could be more.

That is not so far off from the 300.00. Unfortunately we all have to pay taxes.

Divide the 500.00 by the total hours worked and you will get your hourly wage. If you worked more than 40 hours in the week and did not receive overtime you are being cheated as your job must be paid overtime it is not exempt. Less than 40 hours no overtime.  You must be paid at least minimum wage. Federal is currently 7.25, I do not know what your state minimum wage is.

If you feel you are paid unfairly you have the right to contact your local Department of Labor and talk to them about it. Often they can talk to the company and get it straightened out.


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