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Hi, Dave.  How do you do?  Could you tell me where I may discover beach forecasts for my zip code area, 54235, Dave?  I want to know the earliest week that I swim with fair-temperature waters, Dave.

Hi Nick,

Check out the following website:

It has lots of information on it for the Great Lakes region.

While the air temperatures in your area can sometimes be warm enough to swim by late May or early June, it often takes about a month longer before the water has warmed to a comfortable level. Sometimes, the lag is even more than that.

I hope this helped!


Dave Dombek


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Dave Dombek


A weather enthusiast from an early age, Dave Dombek is now an AccuWeather meteorology expert.


Dave received his B.S. degree in meteorology from the Pennsylvania State University in May of 1980. Dave joined AccuWeather in July of 1980, beginning in the Snow Warning Service late that fall after his few month period of training. Within a short period of time, Dave got involved in radio broadcasting. He spent over 25 years broadcasting forecasts on radio stations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states, and has also done newspaper forecasts and television briefings. Currently, Dave is the lead television briefer for all of AccuWeather's television clients in the northeatern quarter of the nation. In his daily forecasting routine, Dave helps coordinate the forecasts in the northeastern part of the country. He is also the Director of Forecaster Hiring and is in charge of hiring new meteorologists. Finally, Dave is the supervisor of the climatology department at AccuWeather. An avid outdoorsman, Dave enjoys hunting and trout fishing. He also enjoys watching football and is a student of history and current events. If Dave doesn't already have enough on his plate, he is married with two teenage daughters. He also leads a small Messianic congregation in the State College, Pa. area.

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