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Accuweather/Real Feel Temperature


Paul wrote at 2006-11-25 18:15:00
The patent number seems to be 6,768,945

available at:

by searching for "real feel" or the patent number

Truth Revealed wrote at 2007-08-08 16:59:38
I love this answer, "I cannot give you the formula since this is patented." If they wanted to keep it a secret it would NOT be patented. Coke does not have a patent on their formula because that would force them to disclose the secret.

Here is the patent number: 7,251,579

just go here and look it up (the formula is included):  

David Leon Hass wrote at 2013-05-12 13:18:04
I experienced the astounding accuracy of "Real Feel" this a.m. in Milwaukee, WI.  I let the cats out into our fenced backyard at 0500 (we have five!), and immediately sensed that "it was below freexing outside," even though the water in the upright, stone bird-bath was NOT frozen!

I was not even thinking about "Real Feel" at the time, and I knew instinctively, that the "actual" temperature outside(whatever THAT is!) was NOT FREEZING.  I let the cats back in, and went out again at 6 a.m.(0600, for those of you unfamiliar with military time), and again at 0700--both time stunned, convinced that the air "smelled" like winter air:  that the air was , indeed, below 32 degrees!!

Now, 0745, just before leaving for church, I checked my Accuweather forecast only to find out that, If my memory is accurate, "Real Feel" said that at 0550, 0600, & at 0700, it was 26, 25, & 27 degrees outside, respectively, even tho the actual temp. was in the UPPER THIRTIES1111

Tom wrote at 2013-05-19 10:48:38
Why do none of the humiture charts show Florida conditions?

Typical 98F and 95% humidity is not even on the charts, just off the scale in the extreme danger zone.  


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