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the 2 songs are "life is a flower" and "whenever you're near me" the music and words may be different but both songs have the same exact vocal medley. i was wondering why this is

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your question. Your observation is spot on. "Life is a Flower" is the original composition. This is the version you will find on the band's European releases (and other worldwide releases), while "Whenever You're Near Me" can be found on albums released in the Americas only. This is because Clive Davis (head of Arista, their American record company) thought "Life is a Flower" was too European in nature. He thought it was too positive and upbeat. He also objected to the phrase, "I whistle down the wind". The record company consequently asked the band to rewrite the lyrics for the American market and they complied. This is how "Whenever You're Near Me" came about.

Even though both songs contain the same melody, they have very different chart histories. "Life is a Flower" was a hit in the European market and became the most played song on the radio in all of Europe in 98-99. "Whenever You're Near Me" did not fare as well, however. It reached 76 on the Billboard charts and 51 in the Canadian market.  

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