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Is there a story or meaning behind the name "Ace of Base"?


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The band has explained it in many ways but the origin of the name is said to be from a New Years eve party where one of the members, Ulf, was a bit tipsy and instead of saying Ace of Spades he said Ace of Base, then kept repeating it because he liked the way it sounded.  

After that night, the two guys in the band, Ulf and Jonas, were going to use the name Ace of Base as a nickname for their production team they had started but decided to use it as the band name instead.

Prior to using the name Ace of Base, the band was using the name Technoir (from the disco in the first Terminator movie) but after that New Years eve party, it changed to the familiar Ace of Base.

When the band was asked later about the name in interviews, they explained that it meant they are Aces of their base, the base referring to their studio they owned.

Ace of Base

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