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Hello there. Been A Huge fan for the whole span of their arrival, I just recently asked myself why I never wrote them for a pic with autographs. Do you know where I could get a rapid response. Wisconsin 29yrs old. Thanks. Chad.  

Hi Chad,

Glad to hear you are a huge fan of the group!  Getting an autographed picture can be a twisting, winding road and I have only been able to obtain one myself by actually meeting the band face to face.

In previous years, the group did run a fan club, but it closed in the late 90's.

Your best best is to write to their management but don't expect a rapid response.  Their management isn't the best and are quite slow with repsonses, but it is the only official way to contact the members of the group.  You can write a letter and it may be possible to get an autographed picture that way.  

The management address is as follows:

United Stage Management
Box 110 29
100 61 Stockholm, Sweden

Their manager's name is Lasse Karlsson, so you may want to specifically address it to him.  You can also e-mail him if you do not want to send a letter,

Thanks for your inquiry and good luck on your quest!  

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As stated previously, I have been active in the fan community for more than a decade now, and have been in contact with thousands of fans. I have also worked with other fans to organize an international fan meeting in the band's hometown of Göteborg, Sweden.

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