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This has to be one of the hottest topics for Acers, but... can you provide any additional information on their album (or music in general) released when they were Tech Noir? I found a track listing online with times, but... has the album ever been spotted? Have the songs exclusive to that album ever popped up anywhere else for purchase or download?

And this might be too broad a question, but are there any other places to hear their demos/B-sides? :) I found the lovely site, but some links are broken, and I thought there were more than what's listed there?

That's probably too much wishful thinking. X3

Anyway! If you have any info on the Tech Noir stuff, please answer that. :) That's what's really always bugged me.

Thanks much~

Hello Dreams!

You are spot on when you say it's a hot topic for Acers.  Everyone would love to get their hands on that fabled Technoir album.  A supposed track listing of the album popped up on the internet in the mid 90s, but its authenticity has never been confirmed.  Officials at Mega Records have been asked about the possibility of an album being made under the Technoir name and their response is that they do not know of any such copy.  Although, officials have said that cassette copies could have been created or sold during live gigs.  There's really no way of knowing without finding an actual copy out in the world.  If a copy did pop up, it would be an attractive collectors item among fans.  A demo cassette from The Bridge went for over $300 on eBay a few years ago.  

A few demos from the early 90s have appeared online, but no one can say whether these particular songs were recorded under the Technoir name or the Ace of Base name.  Three songs that were recorded during the early years have been released in the fan world.  The songs are called Mr. Ace,  Moogoperator, and Hypnotized.   Mr. Ace later became the well-known hit "All That She Wants" and Hypnotized later became known as "Hear Me Calling" and was released on the Happy Nation U.S. Version album.  Moogoperator was never released or re-recorded.  Two other demo songs called Walk Like A Man and Exit Floors (an instrumental) fit the early Ace of Base style, but I am not entirely sure if these two songs originate from that time period.  

Demos and b-sides have historically been a controversial topic in the Acer world and are still a somewhat sensitive topic.  The best way to find demo songs is to go to the fan boards such as or and ask fans through private messaging for copies of the demos.  A full copy of Hypnotized has just been released in the past week!        

Hope that helps answer your questions!

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