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E-mail7/15/2009Valery Bissonnette
  Q: I have been reading your answers to some questions and I was going to ask for some advice. I was ...
  A: As far as I'm aware, he does read a lot of them, someone generally goes through them first, takes ...
jensen ackles adresse mail3/10/2009Valery Bissonnette
  Q: are you sure that the adress is the correct adress? can you check please because i don't know very ...
  A: I've got two options for you : For an autographed photograph, you can send a request and an SAE or ...
Question!12/6/2007Valery Bissonnette
  Q: was wondering if you can tell me if Jensen is planning on doing some public appearances in the near ...
  A: !! You do have to go through a "fan club" to write to him, but he does read them... Some people go ...
The real Jensen Ackles9/15/2007Valery Bissonnette
  Q: I was just wondering does Jensen Ackles have a myspace and is it true that he is still doing ...
  A: Jensen absolutely does not have a myspace account, however, the movie Ten Inch Hero does, so check ...
how to get ahold of Jensen3/4/2000Dina McCarty
  Q: Can you actually get ahold of him, or do you get ahold of a fan club? If you can actually get ahold ...
  A: Jensen does have an email address. I am not sure however if he actually checks it himself. You can ...

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Ackles, Jensen

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I can't and i won't answer question about this actor's personal life, i only care about his work.


I'm a big fan of his work

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